Missing Bulldog In San Diego CA


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Jan 27, 2010
Bulldog(s) Names
Molly, Mandy, Jesse, Yuna & Tidus
Missing Bulldog!!!
"Jackson" the Bulldog Missing
San Diego, California

Bulldog Friend & Owner

A bulldog is missing at this point. WE need your "help and eyes" to see if we can get this bulldog home. Whoever has this bulldog may be trying to take the dog to a local vet for medical treatment, offering the dog up for breeding, selling the dog in the parking lot of a gas station or a selling in the parking lot of pet store. There is even a chance the might turn up in an animal shelter near you.

This bulldog is in San Diego, California, perhaps you have a friend or family member you can forward this alert to?

The dog could of been driven out of the area or given to someone that took the dog elsewhere.

Stray bulldogs are rare and someone will remember seeing this dog or hearing of someone offering a 'great deal' on a bulldog. As part of the bulldog community, someone may mention hearing about this bulldog in passing thinking your should know or could offer some advice on the dog.

He is special, since he has one blue eye and that isn't common.

Any bulldog missing or stolen should be of importance to us all. If thefts and unreturned missing bulldogs are left unchecked or not noticed, it puts other bulldogs at risk for being taken too.

Please share this story on your twitters, facebook and forward to a friend!

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