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Feb 9, 2018
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Hello, fellow bully friends. I was just wondering are their any fellow bulldogs or bulldog meet ups in GA? So we can meet up and socialize.
Hi welcome to EBN

I live in extreme North Georgia, and one other member, Hercil, lives just below Atlanta,

I'm not aware of any actual meet ups
Welcome. We must see pictures!!! :)
I am in middle Georgia near Warner Robins.
This is King, he is 5 months old. Literally the sweetest baby ever. IMG_8921.JPGIMG_7932.jpg
Is I’d just adorable!
Where are you in Ga?
Oh ok. Not too far! Let me know if come across one. Atlanta is only an hour and a half away and Bella loves car rides.
Okay I definitely will let you know if we find anything because King needs some bulldog friends.
We are in Peachtree City, halfway, we could meet at my place! Imagine bulldog gang playing together!
Yes that would be great just let me know because we are interested in meeting some bulldog friends :)

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