english bulldog

  1. A

    Is my EB ears normal?

    Hi everyone! I recently got my first puppy for my birthday (my dream breed) and have a quick question on if Roland’s ears are supposed to look like this or will they flop down? He is 4 months old and the sweetest thing ever!
  2. Bruisersmomma

    Hello Everyone

    Hi! I am new here, I just wanted to introduce myself and talk a little bit about my pup. Everyone calls me Didi, and my EB name is Bruiser. He is a 7 mo. Puppy Old -Lilac Tri. He's a handsome boy. I am here to get to know about Bulldogs because even though I have done my homework per say on...
  3. ArchieAlanBoBoWilliams

    Hi im new

    Hi I'm new here..Archie the EB, 5 years old and from Wales in UK. Raw fed for the past 2 years. Loves the beach and snuggles!
  4. M

    Please someone help me!

    My little English bully has been suffering with a respiratory infection for approximately 5 weeks now, the first course of antibiotics had worked wonders, she was still a bit noisy so the vet gave an extra week of antibiotics. After that week she was seen by another vet in the same practice and...
  5. C

    First EBD!!!

    Recently purchase my first EBD. Have learned lots about the breed searching online and Looking to learn alot more from all of y'all. His name is max and is 5 months.
  6. adadrian

    How obsessed with Bulldogs are you?

    How obsessed with the British/English bulldog are you? For me I’ve always been obsessed since I was a school kid, going to the library I remember I would get bulldog specific breed books and general dog books and read them from front to back. And today even though I have had and still have...
  7. B


    Hello everyone! I joined this forum with a new account as I used to have an account called Boka the Sweet Heart until she passed away 4 years ago. Recently we lost our sweet Pitbull of 12 years to a heart murmur and our Rhodesian Ridgeback is very lonely because he has been with our boy for 8...
  8. staciepap

    Help Needed! Entropion help

    Hi there! Would love your help and opinions. I have a bulldog rocky (2yrs old) who keeps getting ulcers on and off and has been seeing an eye specialist(eye care for animals) for some other issues. We saw our normal vet for a checkup who works with a lot of bulldogs and he told us rocky needs...
  9. B

    Meetups in GA

    Hello, fellow bully friends. I was just wondering are their any fellow bulldogs or bulldog meet ups in GA? So we can meet up and socialize.
  10. babytrappy

    Help Needed! Redness appearing all around my English Bulldog

    Hello! I am new here. I’m glad this exist because I’be found great answers and advices here. I actually found out about Taste of The Wild in a discussion here. The orange TOTW bag is what I’ve been feeding my baby. He is an English Bulldog of 8 months now. He has been really good with that food...
  11. D

    Long tail Bulldog

    Hello everyone, my first post! I was recently given an English bulldog (I hope) from a friend of mine. He has a straight long tail, which I have never seen, at least here in the US. The puppy’s parents both had a short screw tail. Anyone else have one with a long straight tail? I was kind of...
  12. B

    Please Help!!!!

    Hey guys! My English Bulldog has this huge bump in the middle of his face it’s kind of purple. I don’t know what it is and it is bothering me. Please help
  13. S

    Is this a English bulldog or a Olde English bulldog?

    Hi, So I recently bought my first bulldog about a week ago. It has its AKC papers,but it only says "Bulldog" on it. I know this should be obvious to be able to tell the two apart but I need a little help doing so. And yes the add said English bulldog. It's just that he doesn't look like the ones...
  14. E

    Help Needed! Signs of first heat in order to schedule spay appointment

    Hi everyone! I have two English bulldogs--Hank is almost 8 years old and in August I brought home Lola, who is now 5 months. I plan to have her spayed, and Hank is neutered. I know there can be a range in terms of the age of first heat--I've seen an average of 6 months, and my vet told me...
  15. Biogirl71

    I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~ Gypsy ~ English Bulldog

    Meet Gypsy! Hi - my name is Gypsy! I'm 5 years old and a sweet girl. I love to wiggle, so much that its pretty hard to get a good picture of me. I came into rescue when my owners had to move. I don't understand why they couldn't take me with them, but the nice rescue folks promised...
  16. Biogirl71

    I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~ Bacon ~ English Bulldog

    Meet Bacon! Bacon is a 4 year old, 50lb boy that was surrendered when his owner was moving and could not take him along. He used to be kept in a kennel for 12 hours a day, poor thing! He is a sweet boy and so far he is getting along with his 2 foster fur brothers. He loves long walks...
  17. WaltsMom

    Teaching Walt to Skateboard!

    Ive been getting my 6 month old aquainted with the skateboard. Hoping it becomes a thing, because well, what else do i have to do on weeks when the kids are with their other parents and work? Obsess over my bully and might as well teach him some fun stuff! So, if anyone has tips for how to move...
  18. Biogirl71

    I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~~ Winston & Bella (Bonded pair) ~~ English Bulldogs

    Meet Winston and Bella - An Adorable Bonded Pair! Welcome Winston2 “Winnie” (11 years old) and Bella2 (7 years old) to the KCEBR Family. Their family is being located overseas and had to make the VERY difficult decision to surrender them to rescue. They did what is best for these...
  19. Biogirl71

    I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~~ Matilda ~~ English Bulldog

    Meet Matilda! My name is Matilda and I am as cute as my name implies. I think I am pretty special so I think I should be your only dog. I like it when I am the center of attention and to know that all the doggie things in the house are mine. I enjoy running and playing with older kids...
  20. Biogirl71

    I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~~ Honey Pot ~~ English Bulldog

    Meet Honey Pot! My name is Honey Pot and I want you to be the one to take care of me. I am a six year old female so you can expect me to behave like the grown-up that I am. What I mean is that I am house trained, I like to walk with my leash on, I like to keep my nails beautiful...