Local breeder in Jacksonville, FL - Matrix Bulldog/5 Star Bulldog/Brooke - WARNING


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Sep 10, 2010
OMG. I heard in the vet today (had to take the girls to get their annual shots) a horrible story about this breeder - AGAIN - what's new!!! Please bulldog lovers if you care about this breed you can not continue to have this guy in business. He breeds nothing but sick bullies. He obviously does not care about the breed and it's all about the $$$. A guy bought 2 bullies (1 male & 1 female for breeding purposes) anyway he brought them home and within 1 week he's taken them to the vet 4 times and there were several things wrong with the bullies. His own vet advised him not to breed those puppies. He said be bought them from Matrix/Brooke because of the price (well we all know if you want quality it's going to cost).

I guess he didn't research very well because he would have read all the horrible postings about Matrix/5 star (well I guess that's the current names - he's always changing his business name). And then he proceed to lie about the dogs pedigree saying both the pups had the same mother - well, the pups were only a couple months apart. Come on do the math! it is impossible for a DAM to have 2 litters within 3 months apart! If that's all true well you know what it's called A PUPPY MILL!

i don' mean to offend anyone just want to warn people. For those who have purchased a bully from this so called breeder - i am very sorry for you and the bully. If you were lucky enough to purchase a bully and it's "healthy" I am very happy for you.

please help preserve the integrity of this breed. DO YOUR RESEARCH! love the breed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Jun 23, 2010
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Could you please tell me what vet you went to. If not, please call them and have that owner contact this group and join. I want to know how they are sick and the symptoms. It is very important, it could be life threatening.


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Jan 28, 2010
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Yes, please tell your vet to give them the info to our site. We have members here who can shed light on the problems their puppies had and maybe this will help the vet with the diagnosis.

This guy... or shall I say.... this evil thing.... named brook..... is unbelievable.

He is now doing sales under a new name 5 star bulldogs, and who knows what name he will change to next. He is an importer, who imports puppies from puppy mills in other countries. He may also breed his own dogs. This is why the puppies are always sick. He probably falsifies the AKC paperwork (hence the same mother two months apart in age) and anyone who gets a sick puppy from this man should be reporting him to AKC and even CKC.

Too many people have made reports on our site on this man. Cannot all be lies.


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Mar 24, 2010
Orange Park,FL
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This guy is a CREEP. I called to ask if he had a deaf bully.He tried to sell her with AKC and breeding rights $1600!!!! I told him you cant breed these dogs and its unlawful to sell a dog with defects except to recoop cost of vet care. He said he could sell his left shoe and a PALM TREE in his back yard if someone wanted it. TOTAL CREEP

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