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Mar 24, 2010
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yesterday, we discovered a feral cat had kittens under my neighbor's shed. we were able to get two of the 4 kittens and hope to get the other two. they're young enough now (able to be weaned and eat on their own, but barely) that if we introduce them to human contact, they can become family pets and be rehomed to forever homes once they weigh enough to be spayed/neutered and vaccinated.

i REALLY hope we can get the other two. they hide under the shed though and won't come out. the two we caught were the more adventurous ones and came out for tuna and i was able to get them before they knew what was going on.

they're currently baby gated off in their own special section and learning to use a litter box and already are pretty ok with being held and petted. they were a little scared at first, but now cry for attention.

here's a picture of two the grey ones and one of the black ones before we caught them and also a picture of the grey after we caught him. there are two grey/white and two black and white. we caught one of each color, a boy and a girl. :D


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Awws kittys are so cute. Did you finally get them all?

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