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Mar 30, 2010
Bulldog(s) Names
I have quite a few pets. I do alot of work with local rescue agencies and have ended up with various reptiles, birds, and a chinchilla. Our reptiles and fish are in the basement, as well as my chinchilla and rabbit, while my african grey and cockatiels have the upstairs bedroom. The other bedroom in the house is dedicated to my current dog and the bully im in the process of adopting.

A few pictures of my current love. I haven't had him breed tested as of yet so I really have no true idea of what he is, but he's one big snuggly bully dog. The 2nd pic is of him and the two dogs that I babysit most. He and the French Bulldog adore each other to pieces. I do co-own the frenchie but she doesn't live at my house, just visits often. She does get along with the EB I'll be adopting as the person having the EB vetted before she is placed here is the frenchies owner, and the rescue worker I got Jay from.





He and I have been working on his Canine Good Citizen testing and he's done very well. His only drawback is he's tooo happy to see people and other dogs and loves to greet anyone possible. He is very dog friendly and loves to consider trying for a playdate with neighborhood dogs. On a leash he never pulls, but I get alot of laughs from his "jelly bean dance." Once we have that reined in we are going for International Therapy Dog.
He's adorable! So is the rest of the gang!


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Thanks! Each dog in the 2nd picture is a rescue. The boxer actually only has three legs.
How precious.. Dont you just love boxers? My girl is a hoot..


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Little clown is exactly right. I have some pictures of her and my 11 month old godson. I have NEVER seen a kid and dog SOOO excited to see each other.
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I do love boxers, there are three that I've babysat in the past.

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