How to know when your bully is ready to be off leash


Sep 16, 2010
Toronto, Ontario
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We live in a townhouse complex where we have a 4 acre field right beside us. It's fantastic because not only is it being maintained by the city, but also a great place to let Stig run around and just enjoy the fresh air outside. I guess what I'm debating now is when it's ok to let him off leash. He's a year old now but it's not a fenced area.

Some of our neighbours also bring their dogs there and let them run around freely. I think I'm ok with the idea of him being him off-leash when other dogs are around because he usually tends to follow and play with them. It's my bf who's apprehensive about the idea. Does anyone know how we can tell if Stig's ready or what steps we can take?


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Feb 15, 2011
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Freedom is great...only if your bully boy has demonstrated that his "recall" is perfect...even when he is distracted. I personally won't take chances. My girls are only off lead in a fenced area. Good luck:heart:


Mar 25, 2011
Southern California
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This is a hard one..I am always more concerned than my hubby. We have an area very close to our house that is fenced on the sides..but it goes on for miles..he had Jake off leash there as soon as his shots were done! He is 4 months and does very well in our front yard. It was much easier for us because we have another dog and he really sticks with her. I wouldn't do it unless there was a clear boundary to stop him in case he decided to act like a bulldog and ignore you! Maybe a smaller dog park or practice together with him..where one of you goes in front and the other keeps dog on leash and releases him to run a short distance to the other. Can do this repeatedly until you can feel comfortable.


Jul 11, 2010
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Are there roads around this grassy area?

If there are, I agree with [MENTION=1857]auntiex3[/MENTION] completely. Stig must come when you call him immediately to safely have him off leash.

I say this from experience as well. We have a similar grassy area and we let Bentley and Linus run off leash in that area until one time Bentley kept on running, right out of the area, back towards our house. It was so scary!


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May 7, 2010
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I'm the wrong person to ask because I say never. I am too paranoid, I've had alot of issues in my life of dogs I have had escaping/getting loose and bad things happening. I would be afraid they would see something, run off, get hit by a car or get lost. On the other hand my in laws let their labs loose and they listen really well and come back whenever called so it's not to say that Stiggy wouldn't do wonderfully being off leash in that situation. I would say trust your gut and use your best judgement.


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Jun 3, 2010
Tyler, Texas
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I personally don't let spike or sparkles off their leash even in r front yard. My husband on the other hand always let's them run around the yard without a leash and I always get on to him about it. Spike is so easily distracted and any body or any thing he sees that he thinks is important he runs and does not listen when called. Maybe I'm just paranoid. We live right on a spur where cars go by really fast it's a 45mph but people always go Like 55-60 down this spur. I'm just afraid one day something Is gonna happen but my husband trust that they won't run to road.

Alice Kable

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Dec 17, 2010
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I say only when he comes every time you call him. Mack can't be trusted off leash because he will run off and play "catch me if you can", his favorite game. Ruggles is a wanna be car chaser so he is on a leash at all times, too!

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Mar 5, 2011
Springfield, Missouri, United States
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Please dont take a chance working at a vets office I constantly see the I didnt think accidents and its terrrible way to lose your precious bully that could have been totally avoided.


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Feb 26, 2011
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My Delilah is rarely on a leash. She's always glued to my side and always listens when I call her, even if there's lots of distractions around. When she was younger though, she was always on leash! If I'm going somewhere where she's going to be around dogs I'm unfamiliar with how they'll act, or somewhere with lots of traffic, I'll leash her.

My suggestion is try buying one of those training leads. I think they're about twenty feet long? That way, Stig will have lots of freedom, but he will still be connected with you. You can practice your recall that way while he is still a long ways away. When he gets to the point where he's acting perfect on that, try recall without the leash in a fenced in area. If he gets to the point where he's doing perfect in the fenced in area, maybe then you can try to let him run in the not fenced in area.

I did these things with Delilah and she's perfect off lead!

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Jan 29, 2011
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we have a fenced in yard, but the gate on one side is broken, so its always open. Chaos never attempted to go out the gate, he was right with me or would run around and play. the last few days every time a car passes, he tries to run it. So I will have him on a leash always now.....I wouldn't chance it unless is the extremely obedient even in exciting and stressful situations...I'm too weary and nervous


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Apr 15, 2010
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I have Bertie off leash only when she is in the house...I'm not taking any chances outside. I don't think she would run away....she doesn't really like being out except to do her business and then she runs for the door. I would be scared that someone would come by and grab her before I could get to her. You hear about people snatching peoples pets all the time, so I feel safer being in control with the leash in my hand!


Lucy has been allowed off leash from an early age, she is good and has always come back when called :)
She loves the freedom but to be truthful is always keeping an eye on us to ensure WE don't wander off and does not go far.
If your worried then practice the commands "stay" and "come" until he does it every time treat or not :)

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