Help!! Bullie puppy behavior!!


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Feb 2, 2011
I need some advice from all you bullie owners!! I have a 7 month old Bulldog. I feel like I've got a terrible toddler in the house again, as it feels as though she's in her TERRIBLE TWOS!! How do I stop her from jumping on me? She brings her toys to me and jumps to get me to play.
But at 46 pounds, it's not cute, it hurts.

Also, I can't get her to play nice with my shihtzu, have to keep them separated because I'm afraid she'll hurt him. She's just SOOO rough in everything she does. Will she grow out of this eventually? I keep reading about everybody's bullies being sweet and laying around, etc.....Signed, frazzled bullie mom.....


Mar 28, 2010
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Well I am not much help since I got my boy at 9 months but I am sure your girl will outgrow this phase. As for the jumping you will get great advice here but in the meantime when she jumps turn around and give your back to her. She will learn that she isnt getting your attention like she wants. As for the rough play, my boys used to play so rough I thought Cutty was going to bite off Mugsy's little "chicken leg" but they ended up ok. It was scary to watch but they were having fun and managed just fine.


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Jan 28, 2010
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Great advice Cali~jenn I couldn't agree more.

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Dec 17, 2010
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She will outgrow this busy rough and tumble phase. If she hurts your shihtzu while playing and the shihtzu yelps she will back off, cock her head wondering what the yelp was about. She would not intentionally hurt anyone or any animal!


Jul 31, 2010
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I feel your pain ... Daddy is 7 months too and he just jumps up at me as soon as I walk in the door. Ignoring him hasn't helped unfortunately! He will also try and grab something out of my hand if I am walking with something - it can be anything - he just leaps at it and usually misses and gets some of my fingers instead! :angry:

The hard-core playing is also another problem we're having - the miniature schnauzers who are already psycho/hyper/bouncy can match him in energy levels, but the rest of the dogs absolutely HATE it. So the house is often full of those warning growls anytime he walks too close to one of the other dogs.

I am with you in :pray: he calms down a bit soon!!!


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Feb 2, 2011
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Well, THANK You so much everyone who has commented and are in the same "boat" with me!! Whew....this is my first bullie, and so I wasn't sure if my bullie was just OVERLY ruff and tumble, or what!! This makes me feel so much better!!

We love her to death, but wow, they definitely aren't like any other dog I've ever had. And Kazzy, yes, I've had my fingers scraped too!!!! Gia does the same thing!!! Thanks again everyone! I will just buy bigger bottles of wine until she grows out of this stage......:LMAO:


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Jan 15, 2011
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my Bullet is 9 mos. now but he still gets so excited when i come home (even if i'm only gone 5 min, lol) that he instantly jumps like crazy. so, i started saying NO loudly to him and holding my hand flat with fingers tight together i push toward his face to lower him back to the ground. it's actually helping and he doesn't jump as frequently now. i've been doing this for about 2 wks so far. note: i don't push him hard or smother him but it's enough that he pays attention and has a second or two to calm down a bit. if i take a minute after that to pet his belly he calms even more.

as far as rough play with other pets...yep, he still does that a bit with my chocolate lab. i've had to pick him up a few times and put him in TIME OUT! each time i tell him NO to be consecutive. usually i will say his name loudly and he tends to back off for a sec. during his roughing. it doesn't always work but obviously CONSISTANCY is the key with any training.

hope your bully gets through this stage soon. :)


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Jul 28, 2010
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Winston didnt calm down until he turned 2! Layla is 2 and is still a handful!! They have a 14 yr old Pomeranian brother. I think its important to let them "learn" how to be around each other. They treat him very different then they treat each other. [MENTION=390]cali~jenn[/MENTION] is right...the best way to make her realize that jumping is not ok is to "ignore" her...then tell her to sit, once she does sit reward her by giving her the attention she wanted in the first place. She will learn that sitting for attention is good but jumping isnt.

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Dec 27, 2010
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Weeeeeeeeeell. what worked for Duke on the jumping up was simply raising my knee and not letting him jump on me. That took about a couple of weeks to cure. The dogs play being rough?, Weeeeeeeeell, you got two choices.......first you can wear down the energy levels of your bulldog by letting her run in your backyard, and walking her. Or....... Secondly, you could buy some over the counter melatonin Vitamin D supplement (a natural sleeping agent) and slip a 1/2 tablet in a peanut butter sandwich or at 46 lbs (that's a big bulldog for 7 months especially a female) a whole tablet and that will knock the edge of her energy level and help her coat get the vitamin D it needs. I'd try a 1/2 tablet first.


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Apr 24, 2010
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I have a shih tzu too..and at first Chester was VERY afraid of him - the shih tzu is a growler and a nipper. But now, they get along fairly well, even play "tug" together. And that is a key, let them play with each other, that will keep her from pestering you about playing all the time and keep both dogs occupied. Chester is 15 months old, and he's been in his terrible two's now for a very long time.


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Jan 13, 2011
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EB are kind of super happy and goof balls that dont understand how strong they are. And it does hurt when they jump on you , and they do not get it when there other dog friends say -it enough!!!- Mocha is the same way. She might look all peacefull in the pics,but in reality she is full of it!!The only good thing is that they get tired quickly!

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