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May 19, 2011
Southern, Vermont
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Mildred (Millie, mildew, mil- a- stroni)
Hi Everyone,
I'm a new bullie owner (and dog owner in general) I adopted Millie about 2 months ago and now she is 5 months old. I got her in Kentucky but we currently live in Burlington Vermont, where bulldogs are not a common breed. She's already been a handful with a "foreign body" aka a twig in her eye but its been the best two months.

I've already posted about her nose rope but I figured I would formally introduce the little nugget as I predict I'll have a ton of questions...

Photo on 2011-03-27 at 18.42.jpg

... one of millie's favorite (and most inconvenient)places to nap :D

katie + millie
Welcome! Millie is adorable! More pics please!
Hi and welcome!!! Millie is a cutie!!! Love that face!!! :luv:
I think I fell in :heart: again! Such thick wrinkles. She's so adorable.

Oh, and welcome!
OMG, Millie's a DOLL! she's got such a cute face...so smooshy and you just want to kiss it!

I had a chance to visit your city a few years ago when my brother went to culinary school there---Burlington's beautiful.
What a cute face. Sending smoochies from me, Wilson & BabyGirl.

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Welcome...I love the picture! I been to Vermont many times. I started skiing when I was 2 and I have a cousin who lives in Pitsfield. I am hoping to get my daughter up there this coming winter and maybe we will bring out baby boy Tubs!
Tubs looks adorable! I love those little chubby legs. Vermonters are use to agile hiking dogs so Millie often gets a double take. People usually think she is a Shar pei which I find pretty funny. It was hard getting Millie during the dead of winter here. She was not very coordinated on the ice. Hopefully she loves the snow next year.
Millie is beautiful! She'll be having fun in cool weather vs the hot weather from down south. Welcome to EBN. I'm also new to the site and being a bullie owner. I've had Meilyr for about 2 months and he was 1 1/2yrs when I got him. They are so easy to fall in love with. Don't hesitate to ask any questions. Everyone is really helpful.
:welcome: I didn't see this before but wanted to welcome you and tell you what a fabulous pic that is.....:bravo:

[MENTION=2421]Vermont Millie[/MENTION]... We have a monthly photo contest here.... this one should be in it... LOL ;)

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