hello everyone I'm new here


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Mar 26, 2010
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peaches, lucy, little guy
Hi my name is Peggy and I have 1 eb her name is Peaches and she is 2& half hope to find lots of useful things on this board
Welcome! Glad you joined us. Please post any questions you have, we have hundreds of bully owners on the site who are happy to help if we can!
thanks the female st is angel and the male is teddy they love peaches and she loves them lol


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Cute! I love them also, what a great breed they are. My husband had 1 when we were young and he was such a lover. They are so big tho how cute it must be to see them play with your eb. :D
Hello, I just have to say that St Bernards and Great Danes are my next fav breed lol.. I lost my girl a few years back at the age of 8. She was best buddys with my hubbys dane and they passed away with in 4 months of each other.

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