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Apr 7, 2010
My wife and I just moved from California back to Alabama and found out that because of when i went to iraq we are unable to conceive children and just want an English bulldog to have as our little baby. She's always wanted one and our funds are limited due to medical bills. We aren't hurting for money but budgeting is important. We can afford to take care or him/her but prices are a bit.ridiculous. this is not a joke or spam my name is Kyle, my wife is Erica. We are 24 & 26 with large yard and place. Contact at [email protected] or 6193217184 we bay minette,al we will drive to pick up within reason. We have items to barter.
Hello Kyle,

You got shot in the marbles?


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[MENTION=2092]JAKEISGREAT[/MENTION] LOL Ahhh forgot about that one

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