Does your bully think you love to play with his toys as much as he does??


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Apr 24, 2010
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Never fails.. you'll be sitting or laying on the couch all comfy..and Chester will plop his dirty, spitty green dog toy at you and want to play. If you don't, he'll do a growl/bark mix until you hold one end so he can pull and squeek the other. as shown below :)

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LOL that looks mighty uncomfortable for the human in the picture...

My bullys are usually playing with each other when it comes to their toys. When I try to take something from mandy she runs and tries to tease me! She will wait until I almost get it, then turn her head or run about 5 steps and look at me. See, I had this excellent plan of taking her out for some fetch to help her lose weight. Well, I guess she is helping me lose weight instead by making me chase her around the yard!
Cutty gets his ball ready the second we sit down on the coch for tv time. Sometimes before hubby goes to work at 6 in the morning he will start asking even. We always mean to put the ball away for a period of time so he forgets about it but we forget so he has it most the time and anytime we are on the couch he is begging. He is so dang cute tho it is hard to say no. He also doesnt drop it so well unless you tell him no then he will drop and get down waiting patiently. Otherwise he will push it on you and then when yu go to grab it pull away wanting to play tug. lol
Tuffy is exactly the same way! When he's in play mode, he will play fetch ad nauseum and I can't tell you how many times my legs get wet and slobbery because he presses the dang toy against me until I'll play. And like you said, if I ignore him...he'll bark incessantly. The only times he barks is when he wants to play or when he wants table scraps!

How old is your bully? Tuffy is just 10 months old so I'm thinking it's just a puppy phase?
Hehe, this is EXACTLY why I got a second bulldog...they like to entertain each other long after I've tired of playing tug or fetch! Unfortunately, neither of those games are QUITE fair right now between 80 pound Linus and 14.4 pound Truman. :bully:
Not a puppy thing I'd say. Sam will put his kong, bone, rope, whatever next to me on the couch. He will sit and stare at me and eventually start barking/grumbling at me until I throw it/tug on it.
Katie waits until we are seated then she brings over one of her wet slobbery toys. If we even try to ignore her, she will basically throw it at us until we play. She likes to fetch the toy and bring it back to us even wetter. This goes on for as long as she wants. She doesn't understand the word no. Would you say she is a little spoiled?

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