Do you use Freecycle?


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Jun 20, 2011
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Penelope Lue (Penny)
I have gotten the e-mails for awhile now (the Daily Digest, because otherwise it is WAY too many e-mails for me to keep up with). I used it a few months ago to find a sewing machine. I posted multiple items for offer after cleaning out things before we move. I have someone picking up a bag of clothes I sat outside. It makes me a little's kind of a weird transaction. A woman came last night & I cracked the blinds so I could watch for her. She just parked, got out, got the stuff & left. But, I was so glad to get rid of things. The last time I took things to Salvation Army, they donation room was so full that it seemed pointless.

If you haven't used it, it's a site where you can post things you no longer want or things you might be looking for in your area. Pretty cool!


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Aug 21, 2011
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I love Freecycle! I have given and received a lot of nice stuff! Its a great place to find pet supplies, I always clean them before giving them to the crew. When giving things, I always set them on the porch, I don't want to interact with people I don't know. OR I will meet them in a public place (grocery store parking lot etc).


Mar 28, 2010
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:heart: freecycle! I have mostly given and not taken but everything I have given was stuff I just was dying to get out of the house and others were SO able and excited to get. Had old closet doors that I took out of the girls' rooms to hang curtains instead. Had them in the garage loft forever and wanted them gone. Some woman was able to use them for some kind of art project or something. Feels so good to clean house and help others too! Old bike and bbq, same thing. Out of my hair and nothing I would even really think to try and sell. I did get a few kids toys from there as well. It is kinda odd to be going to other peoples houses but same here, always pick up and leave on porch or in driveway so it works out ok.

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