Do you feed your bullie according to the dog food recommendations?


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Nov 17, 2010
Mobile, AL
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Lola and Brodie
With Lola we do not feed her as much as the bag recommends and no issues (feeding her a little less - not that you could tell :whistle:). Brodie does not seem like he gets enough and we ARE going according to the "bag" recommendation for age/weight. What do you do?


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Aug 13, 2010
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lex 19 months
we feed both dogs 2 scoops a day and our eb doesnt even eat of his and of course our lab could eat and eat all day


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Jul 21, 2010
Bradenton Fl.
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No, I am bad even though Vegas is on a high protein Diet with his new food Nature's Variety Instinct, I still feed him 2 cups around 7:30 a.m. and 2 at 6:00 p.m. and some yogurt or fruit or veggies twice a day, I KNOW he needs about a cup less, but he is not fat and very active I am :bust:
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Nov 28, 2010
Phoenix, AZ
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I just switched butler's food to fromm surf and turf. the crude protein is 30% (10% more than the last food) and the bag recommends 2.25 cups i believe. It also says "for the average active dog" which butler is not. he walks a mile 2-3 times a week, but is pretty lazy besides that so i figure i should feed him 1.5-1.75 cups per day. i feel bad cause he acts like he is still hungry, but since the protein is so high and he is not active, too much protein can be bad for his liver (or kidneys, i can't remember). also, my school of thought is that dog food companies want to sell dog food, so i think it may be likely that they overstate feeding amounts. i could be wrong though with these nicer brands like fromm, nature's variety, etc..


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Sep 17, 2010
Windsor Ontario Canada
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Silva and Stella
I feed Silva 2 cups in the AM and it usually sits all day but if she eats it I will give her one more cup, just depends the day!


Mar 28, 2010
Southern California
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Cutty, Miila and Mugsy the pug :)
No until recently I always just kept food in the bowl all day and the boys ate what they wanted. Now with the fromm surf and turf I have tried cutting back to 2 scoops a day for the both of them and adding in vegas stew which only seems to make them want more and more food. haha It is certainly more work having to actually "feed" them but hoping my Cutty will lose a pound or 2 maybe.


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Dec 8, 2010
Jupiter, FL
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When we got Handsome he was VERY overweight. I put him on a daily routine of a short walk, and gradually reduced his food intake until he looked proportionate again. Since he's a senior, we need to make sure his joints and bones are not stressed. He gets around so much better now. We feed him 2 cups a day of grain-free Taste of the Wild, however when finances allow, he gets a senior formula where he can have up to 3 cups because it's not as fattening.

If we let him, he'd eat 6-7 cups a day. He's a piggy!!!

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