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Aug 22, 2010
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Has anyone tried or currently use this?? I walked into Petco today with Bruno to pick up some food for my Lizards and the rep stopped us and raved about how big and healthy Bruno looked. She asked what food he was on and I said RAW. She told me to give this a shot...She said it was a 4 star food and that it was comparable to RAW without the hassle of prepping it at home. I went home with a sample of the Vital grain free formula. Price is reasonable ...actually cheaper than what I spend on Bruno's food.
I'm not going to give him the sample. Just curious, however not having to prepare all that food all the time would be nice.

Deli Fresh - Nutritious, fresh refrigerated formulas for healthy dogs, hypoallergenic, great for dogs with allergies

The reviews are not too bad either:
Deli Fresh Dog Food | Review and Rating
I have never heard of that one. Interesting
I have not tried that one, but I have used the Nature's Variety Raw premade patties, and also I think Nature's Logic has raw as well. :up:

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