Cymri bulldogs, richardson tx - selling sick puppies!


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Jun 7, 2010
Cymri bulldgs = sick puppies!!

We recently purchased a show prospect bulldog puppy from Cymri bulldogs in Richardson Texas. A month later the puppy was diagnosed with multiple genetic defects leaving this puppy fighting for her life. (diagnosis: severe hypoplastic trachea, megaesophagus, and an esophageal redundancy).

Puppy's pedigree:
Sire: PheniX Chief Snow Bear
Dam: Cymri Ginger Snap

They are currently trying to sell this puppy:

(one of the litter mates to our sick, sick puppy!) While this puppy may or may not suffer from these same congenital defects - the problem exists in these lines. This puppy (along with its littermates) may pass on these defects if bred!

Cymri Bulldogs will take no responsibility for this sick puppy. The refuse to refund our purchase price if we return the puppy. They say that despite a written sales contract they are "required" to do nothing about selling us a sick puppy! They refuse to immediately replace the puppy (they still have 3 littermates), but will at"in the future". They disclose it will be a lengthy wait, and that they have no plans for another litter. They refuse to give us a deadline in which they will replace our sick puppy. They demand we return the sick puppy to them with transfer of ownership to them on their agreement to "someday" replace her. (honestly, if they already think they are not bound by a legal contract in providing us with a healthy puppy - why would I ever believe they will replace this sick puppy based soley on their word that they will?)

We have now spent thousands trying to keep this poor puppy alive! She has had aspiration pneumonia (life threatening) since March 5 due to her SEVERE genetic defects... and we continue to provide excellent medical care for her despite Cymri's refusal to take any responsibility. They have never asked how this sick puppy is doing, and instead have told us not to contact them again to try to settle matters. We are told that settlement is "not open for discussion" that our emails constitute "harassment". STEER CLEAR OF CYMRI BULLDOGS!!! Totally unethical breeders!! This breeder is probably hoping that because we live in Canada we are far enough away that she doesnt need to take responsibility. Please get the word out!!

Please educate yourself on breeders and the screening the perform before breeding their dogs!


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Jan 27, 2010
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I am very sorry about your situation. I must admit I am surprised that they are not willing to give you your money back with all the problems the puppy has. They really seem like they take pride in their pedigrees too, but I guess you never know what kind of genetic defects can be in the lines and passed down. I hear that it can skip several generations.

What was the stipulations of the contract? I am curious to see what it states in regards to a health guarantee.

Also note that I did research the internet, and I found no complaints regarding this breeder.

I surely hope you are able to get this all resolved Napoleon, it must be horrible going through this.
It may be a good time to contact a lawyer and see what their thoughts are.
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