SCAM ALERT!!! Breeders of Meaty and Beefy from MTV


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Jan 27, 2010
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Many of us in the English Bulldog world are very well aware of Rick Johnston and his practices.

He claims to be in the "Genetic Bulldog Breeders Association".

Please google Rick Johnston, and you will learn more about how many sick puppies he has sold, how he imports puppies, how he has scammed innocent people into THOUSANDS of dollars (like $25,000!!!).

I also hear that his claims of being the breeder of MTV star Meaty and Beefy are FALSE.

Here are a known list of public record of websites that are owned by this evil man.

I mean, how many names does this guy need to have?

Do not buy a puppy from any of these domains!

Stear clear of Rick Johnston!!!!

If anyone would like to add any information regarding this, please do so! We need to put this guy out of business!!!

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