Could peas or legumes be the problem?


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May 5, 2022
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If it were me, I would take him to a Veterinary Dermatologist. Chumly had awful allergies. He was always red raw from scratching. He was tested in the UK at the local vet before we brought him here and all it showed was a few grasses. As soon as we got here (I made the appointment before we even arrived) I had him tested again. We found out he was allergic not only to grasses but wool, the cat and several other things. All environmental. Poor dog didn't stand a chance. We had wool carpet everywhere and two cats. We removed a lot (not the cats) and I gave him injections every week. It changed his life, and ours. He had the occasional flare-up from pollen, but he really was a different dog. This was several years ago and my beloved boy has passed on but it was the best move we ever made for him.

I totally agree, my French Bulldog sees a vet dermatologist and he started seeing them 1.5 years ago, and that was one of the best things I did for him, he is also on the allergy specific immunotherapy injections, he did the spring/summer formula for the injections, now we are gonna start his Fall/winter formula for injections, that’s starting on the 7th(2 weeks from now).

He is allergic to cats(which we don’t have, but there is lots where we walk), grasses, trees, pollen, mold, dust, storage mites, human dander, bushes and weeds like dandelions, a fungus in wet grass, and he is allergic to his own yeast that live on his skin🙁 so since not everything fits into 1 formula, they are creating the second formula so fall/winter he doesn’t get skin infection either.

That’s natural extracts of what they are allergic to, not chemicals. That’s why I took him to the dermatologist cause I’m not using chemicals on him or giving harmful medications like apoquel or cytopoint.

The other thing that made a HUGE difference for his allergies is the bovine colostrum powder supplement, that he has been on for 2 years and even before he seen the dermatologist, he was way better with his allergies.

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