Chewy treats- Best Bully Sticks (my assessment)


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Jan 28, 2010
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Okay I got my best bully sticks in the mail today. So, since I am not actually EATING them I cannot tell you if they are good or not...... LOL

Here is our evaluation:

The bullys love them and they hold up very well. I would recommend if you get any to keep an eye out and only give to the supervised until you watch how your bulldog does with it, just in case they soften them up and try to swallow them whole.....some bullies don't realize their limits! They do not get gooey like rawhide, but more like "stringy". Hard to explain when they are full of froth and slobber LOL

They have a fishy smell that is not so pleasant, but I did not notice the smell after I gave it out (unlike how hooves which REEEEEEK while they chew on em). I only really noticed the bad smell when I opened the bag.

Overall assessment: Great
Worth the price (in comparison to other treats): Yes, definately

Will I purchase them again?
Yes, they last much longer than regular treats that are similar so therefore they are worth the money

Downsides: Wanted something I could give to keep them happy and occupied when we are NOT around & fishy smell

I will have to supervise several more chewings and see if there is any gagging going on first.


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Mar 24, 2010
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thanks for the assessment. are 'best' bully sticks just bully sticks? my dogs love them and i have simliar thoughts to them as you stated above. the only gagging issue with my 4 comes when they chew them down short enough that they can get greedy and try to stuff the whole rest of it in their mouth. i take the bully stick away when they get to a choking hazard length. but it takes them a while to get there!

glad you like them :)

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