Nov 1, 2017
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We have a 8 year old and now have a 7month old, both have been just great. Now, my wife and kids are asking for another one. Both are boys and they want a girl so possibly, some point down the road, maybe have a litter. One of those bucket list items for us. Our 7month old comes from very good stock and he is showing to be quite a looker and seems to be exhibiting all the right characteristics of what our breed should be. I am hesitant, 2 dogs is a lot of work, can't imagine 3 dogs! And after reading all the information on the Breeding threads, I'm very scared of even going down the path of having a litter or subjecting any of our babies to that grueling process. On top of that, I know if we do have a litter, there's a good chance one or more may to stay with us, just know how our kids are. We have looked at pictures of puppies...not smart, and I swear, I want to adopt them all. We seem to be fond of an all white female, do all white bullies have any more issues than other colors? So, any advice on this situation would be greatly appreciated.


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Jul 28, 2011
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I have no breeding experience, but know it is a tremendous amount of work and responsibility... care, financially and finding the right homes for these incredible high maintenance babies.

Best of luck in your decision

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May 2, 2013
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[MENTION=17741]haile2066[/MENTION] I am a bulldog addict-in fact, any kind of dog addict! I have 3 bulldogs-I had them (females) spayed, because I KNEW that if I didn't I would want to breed them(my vet has a very handsome male) and then I would want to keep the puppies! At times I still wish I hadn't had them spayed!! It was for the best-and my budget.
White bulldogs don't seem to have more of a chance of being deaf, than any other color-unless possibly it was albino. White dalmations have been know to be deaf,but that is more of a genetic fault. I have had deaf dogs, and you love them just the same!

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