Breathing Really Fast through Nose??


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Jul 18, 2011
This morning while Buster was still asleep, he started to breath really quickly and really hard through his nose continuously for a good...maybe 5 seconds.

To me, it sounded almost as if he was trying to blow something out of his nose/start to sneeze.

Anybody know what this is or ever experienced it? I hope he's not getting sick :\
Might be a seasonal thing.... (????)
My Jack has not done it but I also have a Basset Hound/ Beagle mix that started doing that a few days ago...
I've noticed him doing it maybe 3 times now in the last week or so.....
As long as he/she is looking okay and is not short of breath, I wouldnt worry much..

It may just be a stuck piece of dried booger up in there... :ROFL:
No, it is a bully thing... both my babies do this and it seems like they are trying to clear their airway. It does not hurt or bother them. Get use to it.. it happens, but not constant, maybe once twice a week.
That's what i was thinking as well.

I think I shouldve followed my instincts on this one. From my research I guess it's called reverse sneezing. Here's the wikipedia article in case anyone runs into this, since it can be kind of alarming. Don't fret, it's normal just weird. :tongue:

Reverse sneezing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
If it was the reverse sneezing that can be crazy when you first see it. But you said he was sleeping, maybe just dreaming even? Cutty has never had the reverse sneeze but Mugsy has and for him it is seasonal I think cuz he will do it 1-3 times a year but always this time of year if I remember correctly. He hasnt done them in a year or 2 tho.
Could have been one or the other, a dream or reverse sneeze. Buddy will reverse sneeze every once in a while, but Missy the Beagle does it all the time when out side because her nose is always in the ground. :D
sorry, to clarify: he was sleeping and woke up. The only other time I saw it was in a similar situation. He was sleeping and he may have actually stayed sleeping.

It was a little troubling being that it was the middle of the night and i wasn't all awake yet haha. Just glad its normal and not a problem

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