Bella? Spoiled?

bulldog family

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Aug 14, 2010
Bulldog(s) Names
Norman, LeRoy and China
Here she is with her new best friend, Jamie. I think she found a great home!!!

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She looks so happy! Thanks for all you do again [MENTION=1046]bulldog family[/MENTION]!
That is such a wonderful sight to see!
Its too bad you couldnt find her a home where she was aloud to lounge around on the furniture as she wishes and gets loved all day long. :tease: SO nice to see her happy!
YAY!!! I am so glad it worked out! She is just so sweet looking.
Awww that's so great!!! What a sweet pic :)
Thanks guys!! I just got a new picture of her and her skin sister. She was all dressed up in lots of her skin sisters clothes. SO cute. SHe really is a patient dog!
That is awesome :). Where's the pic???

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