Are pig ears safe for English Bulldogs?


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Jan 27, 2010
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If you are an English Bulldog owner, you should already know that RAWHIDE of any kind is a big no no for your bully. Why? Because they can easily choke.

Now, the question is, are pig ears safe? The first time I bought an EB (EB=english bulldog) puppy back in 1994, I was told never to give rawhide, but to give Nylabones or pig ears.

Recently I was told not to give pig ears either. Now, I had given pig ears for 15 years without any problems, but I am a person who would rather be safe than sorry.

So what is the alternative? If no rawhide & no pig ears, then what is the best treat for our kiddos???

I have used pig ears for my bullies for over 10 years, no problems, I also used pig hooves, no problems. I would never give my bullies raw hide. Chew toys are not so good either. Trial and error throughout the years.
My vet told me not to give Lily pig ears, I never asked why, I just stopped giving them to her...heard it has something to do with their stomachs. Raw hide, I learned on my own is a BAD idea...she chews it until it gets soft, then attempts to swallow it & chokes. She will tear apart stuffed toys & any rubberized toys that she can. I get her the Kong brand toys which are pretty impossible for her to tear up, and she also enjoys balls of any & soccer balls are what I buy the most of. Good luck!


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Hmm well olaf must be "gentle" b/c he has quite a few chew toys...he even has a small stuffed frog which he can olny play with when someone is home. He has not destroyed any of his toys ??? lol We even got some kong brand and other tough rubber stuff when we first got him thinking he would destroy it all but he hasnt at all. As far as raw hide and pig ears as I recall I our breeder told us not to give it to him. He has never had any of that stuff.
ok, so this just might be me. But i have never ever had any problems with raw hide and pig ears (knock on wood). I don't know, i grow up on a farm and (not to sound mean or sick) but we butcher our own farm animals (cows, pigs, ducks, chickens, rabbits) or we would for the local 4-H and FFA'ers. We would home make our pig ears and cow hooves, we never had a problem. we had a sick puppy (ok, so he was a springer) and we gave him a pig ear and he got better. I have always givem my dogs raw-hids and ears. No, one has never told us they where bad for dogs. I know the smaller the dog the more of a risk you run. But that is just me. my bullie right now has one, and he is doing fine with it. now i am thinking of taking it away, but it is his fav. what should i do?


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