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Mar 15, 2010
What is the Best food out there for my bully? Any recomendation.....:confused:


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I feed my bulldogs Nuro Natural Choice LAMB & RICE and we mix that with ROYAL CANIN. My dogs love it and they look great since we switched them to this diet. You cant go wrong with these two dog foods
Winsten gets Nutri Source for large breed puppy with chicken and rice he's in perfect health VERY energetic and happy as can be!


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Yes, I have been rescuing bullys now for 10 years, and I see the results of 4 to 6 years of inferior food and life long chronic results.
I highly recommend Fromm, second choice is Natures logic, third choice ,Merrick forth choice, natures variety.
none of the bullys need more than 1/2 cup of this twice a day. trust me they do well on that amount. treat with veggies, and fruit.

the food I recommended has both pre biotics and pro biotics,
all ingredients are from the USA, human grade, muscle meat. corn , and beet pulp are not good food. if the food has either in it ,.change, bulldogs do not digest corn, the yard gets it all, cheap fillers. several of the brands mentioned were also part of the food recall a couple years ago.
I know you trust your vet with thier lives, but vets get very little shcooling on food. AND OFTEN they own stocks in pet food companies. SO it is best to ask the people who know the breed from experience, fixing the problems that do not show up till it becomes chronic. 4 to 6 years down the road, and we hear what has been fed .then you see the problems that the wrong food causes. OVER AND OVER.
I also belong to a truth about pet foods. they dig into exactly what is in the pet food and where it comes from, what country, what type of chemicals, and where those come from, did you know that the warnings on bags of food only have to put the ingredients in bold lettering,,--and it is considered a warning!!! I can send you a list of the blue buffalo and and when some was recalled.90% of all foods have been recalled at one time - except the brands I recommend to you . Fromm- Natures Logic, Merrick, and their treats. I would be more than happy to send you a print out of the foods your vet recommended to you and the detailed ingredients and the rate of quality of them. e-mail me privately at [email protected] , I just wanted you to know what you are feeding now will come back to haunt you in a few years as chronic issues, unless you choose carefully . and it is a life of agony for your dog. if wrong. I deal with those every day.
What did dogs survive on before man came into the picture? (Answer: Meat)
If you have a dog who's especially prone to allergies, etc. feeding them a completely natural diet of meat/bones (raw) with probiotics and potentially steamed or raw veggies (such as carrots) you will get a dog who loves their food and doesn't have reactions to their processed kibbles.
The first week when you change the food up, your dog's tummy will be a little bit off/loose, but when they get accustomed to it, their poops are light -- which is normal. It can be a lot of work when you first start up, but it's comparable or even cheaper in price that paying for expensive dog food.
What is the Best food out there for my bully? Any recomendation.....:confused:

yes the very best is Fromm, it is a family owned business, and evry item in it comes from the USA or Canada. and it has pre biotics, and pro biotics to help digest and the immune system, as well as salmon oil. for omega 3 and 6 . helps shedding and the immune also.
if you choose to feed raw- and it can be good. IF YOU KNOW THE SOURCE of the meat- dogs can get e-coli and salmonella just as we can. even natures variety just had a recall on its raw food- and they have the best out there. if you know the butcher, fine, but I wont try it. I am growing my own rabbits and eggs. dogs with salmonella is not a fun way to spend three or four days. and dogs have been genetically altered by us- they are NOT the wolfs of yesterday. BUT we must make sure that the food that is fed is quality, and that only comes from a holistic pet food store. there is not enough room for mark up in petsmart. or petco.
also I like SOJO's Euoropa dog food. it is grain free dehydrated veggies and fruit. soak with lots of water the night before - six/to one and you will love it. my guys will try to eat it dry if they can get into the bag, any veggies -except onions---and any fruit except grapes/raisins are great for dogs.
just no preservatives in human food. meat /fruit/veggies.
type in SoJo's .com


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Thanks to all for the useful info....


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i haven't read all of the other responses. i use to feed my eb's grain free canidae. i recently switched to canine caviar, which is also grain free. my female eb has several food allergies and digestive complications. canine caviar is easier on their digestive system and free of most of the ingredience that eb's tend to be allergic to, although all dogs are different.
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oh, also, i give my ebs a 'treat' of unflavored (origional or low fat) kefir. you can find it in a lot of grocery stores or health food stores in the dairy/milk/yogurt department. depending on what form you buy it in. the one i buy is like a liquid yogurt drink and i give them a serving of it every day. it's probiotic and great for them and they love it.


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I use eagle pack

hollistic chicken and love the results. I have used many great brands and types and each bully has different needs/allergies. My bully has great results with this food and it promotes a firm stool, which for us is very important. Works great and we have had no problems with it. :)


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