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Jul 9, 2022
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I was just seeing if anyone's bulldog has had all of the Bulldog issues. It's just me and my sweet boy. He's 3.5 years old and I just want him to be healthy.

He's had
2 cherry eye surgeries
3 prolapsed urethra surgeries (he was fixed in Jan 2020, 2 more prolapse 2022)
1 stenotic nare surgery
1 soft palate thinning, shortening
Idiopathic head tremors
Food allergies

At times I feel on an island as non bulldog people can't understand why I spend so much time and money on this little guy, but none of these things alone are uncommon, but it just seems he has all of the things. Anyone else been through similar health issues with their Eb?

He's in a recovery period right now and seems to be healing well, one more cherry eye appt Sept 27th for a poosible 3rd surgery. I just don't know if all of this will get him to healthy or will he continue to have issues.


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Dec 9, 2016
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Cherry eye can be common and usually fixed but why 3 surgeries for it? Did the vet tack or remove? Food allergies can also be common but can be maintained with a good diet and supplements. Environmental allergies can be more of a challenge if they are allergic to grass but that can also be maintained.

I have never dealt with needing nares or soft palate surgeries done. Normally neutering can help with the prolapsed urethra so not sure why you have needed multiple surgeries.

The most important is making sure your vet is bulldog knowledgeable! I cannot stress this enough! Some vets see a bulldog and just see $$$$$ and will recommend surgeries that are not even necessary.


I'm not who moved my bulldog?
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Jul 28, 2011
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Agree with Citty… why so many surgeries for the prolapse .. I can see maybe two, but three. So sorry you and your baby have gone through all this.

I’ve had three bulldogs all with some level of allergies… it is very common especially to chicken and grains, seem to be high on the list for many bulldogs. Environmental are also high on list… all three of my bulldogs were/are allergic to almost everything green. It unfortunately can be a lot of work to maintain their symptoms. Raw food helped us the best… along with probiotics then Cytopoint shot helps as well

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