Aggressive to other dogs every once in a while...


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Mar 8, 2016
Denver, CO
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Hey guys quick question,
I'm sure I'm not the only one who has experienced this so I thought I would ask.

I have an almost 4 year old fixed male, Boston. He is great with adults, kids, and 95% of the time other dogs. Having just moved to the Denver area I started taking him to dog parks. 95% of the time he is great. Loves all the attention and being free to roam with he other dogs. Lots of butt sniffing you know the dog stuff. I found recently that every once in a while he is aggressive to other dogs. Seems to be after a good butt sniff if the other dog gets skittish and runs away it is like game on.

He Becomes quite aggressive towards that dog. I personally know 2 of the dogs he has had this happen with and they are intact males. So maybe a dominance thing? Im not sure what to do to help the situation. Most of the time we can go and not have any issues. But every once in a while it ends in a fight. Or relentlessly chasing the dog he is trying to get at. I hate feeling like I can't take him to the dog park and let him roam without a potential confrontation. I wouldn't want this happing if i was on the other side of the situation so just trying to figure out what i can do to help with this. Any Ideas?

Also keep in mind he has yet to latch on to another dog, just becomes very vocal (which he never is unless alerting me a stranger at home), but just wants to kind of beat them up... I don't know.

He has lived with other dogs of all sizes, very friendly and social dog. Not sure what it is.


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Sep 12, 2013
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Oh my, he has a very cute face!

Castor is intact and my experience is that neutered males rather avoid him than approach him (and Castor is not at all aggressive). Could it be that Boston feels insecure in a new environment? Perhaps a dog park is not an ideal place for him at this stage? We hang out with other dogs that we know and there is a lot of greetings and butt sniffing on all walks (and most dogs here are intact, btw) but we don't take Castor to dog parks as we've met very dominant dogs there. Castor can hold his ground but I see no reason for him to get into such situations. Good luck! I really like his face!


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Jan 20, 2016
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Stop taking him to dog parks is about all I can offer. He has a higher prey drive than most Bulldogs. If he's predisposed to be aggressive even a little, then that's not something to be tested. Do not let him off lead around other dogs. I doubt that this is something that can be trained out of your boy...although I will not tell you not to try.


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Jan 10, 2016
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[MENTION=15601]Connorcc[/MENTION] like mentioned, avoid dog parks. Why put your dog through a test each time? Socialize him on his walks, walking parks on leashes, playgrounds on leashes, trails etc etc. Also dog parks are great places to pick up all sorts of health issues. Worms, fleas, kennel coughs etc... just a thought....


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Dec 9, 2016
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King Louie, Jax (French Bulldog), Ella Mae and Darla Rae dog parks. I personally do not like off leash dog parks. You don’t know other dogs and they’re dogs, it can pop off any second plus as mentioned, worms and other diseases can be picked up. I take my guys for walks at dog friendly parks, beaches, trails, etc. but dogs must be leashed. Other people with dogs will ask if they can say hello and that’s fine. Mine are not aggressive but there was one instance where we were walking and a man walked by and his dog snarled at Louie so Louie was ready but both dogs were on leashes and thus controlled. If you don’t put yourself in the situation, there’s nothing to worry about.

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Mar 30, 2015
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Hi Conner all i can say is your not alone our Dudley is generally ok with most dogs but sometimes out of the blue he gets his “grumpy bulldog” head on and and will lunge at another dog while being very vocal! Can be quite shocking when it happens he has never bitten another dog though but we do always put him on a leash if we see any dog we do not know just incase.

He also does not like other bulldogs :( especially males which is very annoying because everytime we meet another bully owner they obviously want to bring there normal friendly bully over to meet Duds and we have to say “better not, just incase” :(


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Jul 28, 2011
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Agree... dog parks are a no go. Humans just do not know how to pay attention and there is just too much risk for a trip there to be worth it. Leashed walks, dog friendly stores, leashed hikes are always our go to... this way you always have control should something go in a direction you don’t expect.

Our current two are not go with other dogs so I need to have control at all times... leashing is best. Our female was hit or miss, so a leash kept her in line.... our first boy was a gem never an issue on or off leash, but leash was always on

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