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Jul 6, 2011
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Name says it all.

I try taking my bully out for his normal walk and all of a sudden he is so terrified, that he practically claws his way back home. he and I both know he has to poo and pee. But, he still wants to go back inside and cower under a piece of furniture.

At night, he is so scared of the dark, that he will literally sleep in between my or my fiancees legs.

He's a very sweet dog, and very active...We used to take him to the dog park until he started getting aggressive towards other dogs.

Anyone else have an issue like this? What can be done?
Poor initial thought his eyesight and hearing ok? Sometimes they have changes in these areas and we don't realize it! Especially if this is a true change for him. Sorry..maybe someone else will check in with more ideas! In fact...I'm sure of it. :yes:
How long have you had him?
This sounds like new and unusual behavior, so yes a health check to rule out illness is the first thing you should do.

Our princess is afraid of most things. But she has been that way since we got her, she's better now, but has good days and not so good days, but we realize she will never be the bravest bully in the bunch. We love her all the same and just work with it. We know it is not illness, it is just Gracie being a princess.
My lily is afraid of almost everything too, I think she's afraid of the dark as well. At night I have to coax her out with a piece of cheese. She's afraid of balls,balloons, rustling bags, loud noises or sudden movements as well. But after talking to Lily's original owner and hearing how unstabe Lily's life as been ( I'll do a separate post to explain) I understand. I just keep trying and comfort her when shes scared
Yeah, hes neutered and at his last vet check up the vet said he was very healthy.
How long ago was the vet check? If it's been a while you should probably make an appointment to if nothing else rule out a new condition.
Last vet check up was in February. We recently moved to a new place. He was fine for about a week, then this all started.
I don't know how long you have had him but if you just recently got him and the people who had him before just kept him in a crate all the time he did not get a chance to socialize and get out to explore the world and now you are taking him and he is scared of everything. If this is the case just be patient and take it a little at a time to introduce him to new things. It can take a wail but just be patient and bring treats and lots of comforting.
Last vet check up was in February. We recently moved to a new place. He was fine for about a week, then this all started.

Ah ha! Bullies are very rote. A move is a HUGE scary change. That could be the problem in a nutshell. He misses "home" and the security it gave him in all likelihood. It might take some time, but give him lots of love and reassurance and in time he will be used to the new place and come around.
I agree with [MENTION=983]LariP[/MENTION], it's probably a change in environment. Keep praising him when he does good things or at least when he shows some sort of improvement and he should be back in no time.
Exactly! What [MENTION=983]LariP[/MENTION] said! I think your mystery is solved! As soon as I read you had JUST moved..I knew it. He needs extra love and patience right now. Baby steps.
Hello MugMug,
Welcome to our piece of the internet world. Glad to have you here.
This is a great place to discuss issues, share concerns and learn new things about Bullies. Not much more I can add to what has already been posted.
Go slow, lots of time, patience and love. Let him find his comfort zone first and then start slowing expanding.
I see lots of similarity between animals and humans when it comes to understanding changes as it relates to psychology.

I use the examples of the 'RC Factor ' with people. This is the resistance to change. Some people (animals) have a low RC Factor and others have a high RC Factor.

Keep us posted,

Good Day~
I had the idea that the move had something to do with it, but wasn't 100% sure. We're giving him a lot of positive reinforcement when taking him out for his walks and giving him so much love he practically wants nothing to do with us haha.

Is it good or bad idea to take take him and leave him with my fiancees parents for play dates with their bullie? Shes an older female and they always got along great. Do you think taking him over would affect his behavior? or will it confuse him?
Here's a picture of Mugsy and Baby
AWWWWWWWW. id take him over for playmates..... We have monthly photo contests here and that should be in one of them for sure. ;)

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