1. Cbrugs

    I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~Chula~English Bulldog Available for Adoption in California

    he is a spayed female – approximately 7 years old that came into rescue from a local shelter. When Chula came into the shelter she was a mess: She had maggots in her tail fold, chronic ear and skin issues and dry eye. Since being treated by the shelter vet and then transferred over to NorCal...
  2. B

    Help Needed! My Tinkerbell is almost 6 months old - horrible rash, spots under her belly

    Hi, my Tinkerbell is almost 6 months old, she has developed a rash all over her under belly and back legs! I was feeding her redford naturals grain free lamb and sweet potatoes, vet said food or environment allergy, so I switched to nature's domain salmon and sweet potatoes. Shes not better...
  3. B

    Help Needed! Hair loss, Vet does not know what it is.

    My Frances appears have hair loss on her flanks and her back. As I have been doing research I can understand her flanks being SFA but could it be the same for her back too? She is going to be two years old this August of 2018. In spring of 2017 she was having extreme hair loss as well , I was...
  4. BeasleysMom

    Puppy scratching front right leg

    Hey guys, I'm a newbie. Our 8 week old Beasley has been home since Sunday. He's doing great! He only whines at night when he needs to go potty, which is awesome! I noticed this morning after he went potty and came back in, that he was scratching his front right leg. At first I thought maybe...
  5. Cbrugs

    I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~Maxwell~English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Texas

    Age: 20 Months Gender: Male Special Needs: No Tolerant of children Tolerant of dogs Tolerant of cats Maxwell Please welcome Maxwell to our family! At 20 months old, Maxwell packed his bag, bowls, bones, toys, shampoo, brushes and bag of dog food and hit the road. He’s now looking for a...
  6. Cbrugs

    I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~Blue Bell~English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Texas

    Age: 2 Yrs. Old Gender: Female Special Needs: No Tolerant of children Tolerant of dogs Tolerant of cats Blue Bell At the age of barely 2 Blue Bell joins rescue. And oh what a great girl Blue Bell is. Blue Bell was really surprised when she heard her Mom was trying to find her a new home...

    Help Needed! My bulldog loses a lot of hair :(

    Hi, Some weeks ago my bulldog started losing a lot of hair and every day is worse :( I changed her shampoo, shower once a week, brush her hair every day, and it does not end :(, she has five and a half months and your food is acana duck and pear, another thing, your hair is greasy, Is it...
  8. P

    Rough skin and hair loss

    Hi everyone so I recently started having issues for about the past month with my English bulldog lil pork chop. I know I've been overbathing which probably led to this. I went to the vet and she wasn't exactly sure what it was but we gave him a chewable for fleas and handles parasites/ringworm &...
  9. 7oniarc

    The Mystery of the Bulldog

    New Bulldog mama here... I mean, really, look at her!!! MUAH-- LOVE YOU SO MUCH. Sorry -- back! questions: 1)What's up with bulldog chin acne? It always comes back at the same spot, and if anyone has any recommendations? (Yes I've been to the vet, and they gave us fancy shampoo) 2)Is it...
  10. 3

    Skin problem?? Any fix?? (Balding)

    Hello everyone does anybody have experience with skin issues with your bulldogs?? Matilda is 5 years old now and does not seem affected by it (still plays and eats normal since she was a baby) and doctor tells us not to worry about it that it is just genetics. Can she grow her hair back with...
  11. Brunosmummy

    Help Needed! Please can someone help me help my boy 💔

    My Beautiful Bruno is now 9 months of age. 4 weeks ago he began developing a rash under his front 2 legs and groin. I took him to the vet and was told his rash was ‘puberty acne’ as scrapings were taken and looked at and nothing else could be spotted and given Malaseb shampoo to use and shown...
  12. MamaAndi

    I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~Sunnee~English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Texas

    At the age of 10, please welcome Sunnee to rescue! Sunnee is what you might call an Army Brat that traveled here from South Korea. Three years ago she became a Texan living on a Army base with her bulldog brother. And then it happened, the family went their separate ways and Sunnee was caught...
  13. D

    Help Needed! Thought I was on the right path.... ugh

    So, my rescue, Sumo was on beniful when I got him. I switched him over to Purina one ( lamb and rice) without knowing much about dog food to be honest. I never realized how different and unhealthy it can actually be, especially for this breed. Ive been researching for weeks on what food to go...
  14. W

    beauty Salon

    hard day getting her make over lol, nails, teeth, shampoo, brushed out. she was totally exhausted after words lol.
  15. N

    Skin issues, bald spots, scabs

    Hoping someone might have an answer. Nelly continues to have skin issues where she looks like a moth eaten rug. She is not uncomfortable, but it's unsightly and sometimes widespread. I'm going to try to attach photos. She breaks out with a scab on the skin which takes the fur with it when it...
  16. Hankster

    Hanks Vet apt today :)

    So, I took him in for his limp (which was already gone), those tuffs of hair missing (which were almost all filled in) , his interdigital cysts, and to see if I should put him on some sort of flea thing for the trip.............. well, first remark from 'Mr dr well known bulldog vet' was...
  17. D

    Do you bathe your dog after swimming? Have you tried Bissell Barkbath ?

    Do you bathe your dog with an antibacterial/antifungal shampoo after swimming in a lake or ocean? Have you tried Bissell Barkbath to wash your dog?
  18. Bhaverstock1

    Help UTI!!

    Hello again everyone!! So, my Allergy Queen Stella has a UTI this week. Last week I was asking for help on shampoo and this week I'm asking for help on UTIs. She is on the dry kibble, Fromm Surf and Turf, so I'm thinking I need to change her food. A while back I talked to the vet about adding...
  19. Bhaverstock1

    Help! Need a shampoo for my bullies!!

    I have 2 bullies with horrible allergies to everything. I have tried with no luck on numerous shampoos. My poor fur babies seem to itch worse after bathing them in all the shampoos I have tried. So, now I'm needing y'alls feedback for the best that you have tried. These are the recent shampoos I...
  20. F

    Itchy, Itchy, Itchy & Skin issues

    So I need direction on what products to get to help stop the itchies and clear up Muffin's skin. As well as a good routine to use them. Because of improper care by prior owners we are now dealing with extreme itchiness, among other things. But my vet wants us to get her skin issues treated...