1. Petra

    I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~VIOLA DAVIS~ Available for Adoption in Chicago, IL.

    Viola Davis's Info... I am already spayed, purebred, up to date with shots, and good with dogs. Viola Davis's Story... In early February 2017, CEBR took in eight beautiful english bulldogs out of the hands of commercial breeders, and into the hands of our loving rescue. Volunteers traveled...
  2. Petra

    I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~PENELOPE~ English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Chicago, Illinois.

    Penelope's Info... I am already spayed, housetrained, purebred, up to date with shots, good with kids, and good with dogs. Penelope's Story... Hi there! My name is Penelope, an ex-puppy mill mama, ex-rescue, but my family had to give me up because no one was home with me all day. So I am...
  3. T

    Gurgling Stomach and No interest in eating

    Hi Everyone! Recently my EB Bowser has had really loud stomach gurgling in the morning, followed by a lack of interest in eating. He will eat, but grazes instead of eating it all in one sitting. He also seems to have a lot of phlegm and constantly tries to cough it up in the morning. What could...
  4. J

    Like a scavenger

    My girl has been driving me crazy lately. In the last month, she sits there while I'm cooking and waits for me to walk away from that spot. As soon as I walk away she goes over and starts linking and sniffing the floor, even I don't drop anything. I don't feed her people food, so I don't know...
  5. K

    Eating Rocks

    Hello, I recently acquired a 2-yr. old male Bulldog, that was originally bought at a pet store. (Not something I would have done). He has been neutered and to the Vet’s and is in good health. The problem is that he eats rocks. So far, he has passed them, sometimes in diarrhea, but I am afraid he...
  6. B

    Hi, I am Mel and this is my furry bully baby Bella

    Hi all, Just wanted to say hello from myself and Bella and thank you for letting us join the forum! I always had dogs growing up, and after my cat was recently PTS, I decided to adopt another dog. I have never had a bulldog before, but after looking into the breed, decided a bulldog was a...
  7. B

    Brand new Bully

    Hi all, I have just adopted a gorgeous Bulldog called Bella :-) She is a rescue, and has been used in a puppy farm, so she has quite a few issues that we are working through! I absolutely adore her - and am working hard to understand her needs - as I realise that looking after a Bully is...
  8. F

    Itchy, Itchy, Itchy & Skin issues

    So I need direction on what products to get to help stop the itchies and clear up Muffin's skin. As well as a good routine to use them. Because of improper care by prior owners we are now dealing with extreme itchiness, among other things. But my vet wants us to get her skin issues treated...
  9. S

    Uploading Pics

    Everytime I upload pictures into the upload manager they come up sideways. Why is that? Anyone else having this problem?
  10. T

    Hello from Rey in Avon, IN

    Hello to everyone! We are new to this site but want to introduce ourselves and HOPEFULLY get some insight on how to behave better! :pray: I am Rey and my mom is Tami. I have a serious problem being a nasty little dirty kid and peeing in my kennel NO MATTER WHAT! My mom has tried just about...
  11. B

    Air licking

    Hello everyone. I haven't posted on here in years but I am in need for advice. My 4 year old English Bulldog Ham has been licking the air for hours at a time. He has been doing this for about 2 years. We've been to the vet multiple times trying to figure out a solution. His tail and mouth are...
  12. 1Chumly

    Bald bum, again!

    Poor Monty! I took him to the vet yesterday as he had an infection way up under his tail and I haven't been able to clear it up. I had a feeling they would want to keep him so didn't feed him breakfast. He has already had two surgeries, one big one to amputate part of his tail and restructure...
  13. T

    Cherry eyes

    Hi we have a 7 month old english bulldog pup named Charlie. He gets cherry eyes usually daily from playing with our Frenchies. My husband can Massage them back in usually with no problem. I just wondered if this is common for them to get them so frequently like ours does?
  14. S

    Soft stools

    I'm feeding my 4 month old bulldog Merrick Grain Free Lamb and Sweet Potato 1 cup 3 times a day. He poops an awful lot and it soft. Not diarrhea. Just soft like sometimes piles. He was tested for parasites and it all came back negative. He is not having a problem gaining weight. He is 30lbs...
  15. Cbrugs

    Boy/Boy or Boy/Girl

    If all goes well, I will be getting an EB puppy hopefully in May/June. I have a male French Bulldog who will be 4 in April. He is the biggest lovebug and cuddlebug ever. So I was originally thinking I wanted a male EB because I want another affectionate dog and I have heard that some females...
  16. rbourque314

    Help Needed! Firm Scaly Bumps on back

    Hi everyone. Recently new member here. I have an 8 month old pure English Bulldog puppy named Lincoln. I am posting to get some insight on a skin issue he’s been having. A few months ago, I noticed on his back near his butt, he had a few crusty/scaly bumpy yellowish spots that I didn’t think...

    Bring Your Own Cleaning Supplies

    OK then...we are constantly having to wipe Daphne's mouth, her wet feet, sometimes her lady sparkly bits. My daughter solved the always having to get a paper towel problem thusly. She now carries her own supply.