What makes you laugh :D



.............could be TV, Kids, Dog, Movies etc. We all have those moments when we seek something out that will always bring a smile to our faces.
My son for example is mad for lolcats, those silly pics on the intenet of some poor cat with a silly caption underneath. he will sit and laugh at them for ages.

My husband loves the new British comedy scene with TV programmes like Misfits, Shameless, Benidorm, Campus, Inbetweeners....I on the other hand don't even like him watching them I find them jouvenile and irritating.

So what makes me laugh other than the typical Mum things...I love anything Ben Stiller he cracks me up, infact I just look at him and start smiling. Adam Sandler is also a hit I have most of his movies and love watching him. and very embarrassingly I also love RomComs too, smushy sweet funny films always get me smiling :eek:

Thing is my films are getting worn so I'm hoping you can introduce me to some new comic delights :)
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May 7, 2010
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The show The Office (US version, I have yet to watch the UK version but I WILL!). I love that show so much, I have never been so into a show in my life! I have seasons 1-5 on DVD, that show can make me laugh so hard no matter my mood. I also like alot of adult humor movies (40 year old virgin, knocked up, super bad, etc) and alot of off beat comedies. Other than that I can always count on my babies Samson and Loki and Dave for a laugh :luv:

[MENTION=1648]Lucy-licious![/MENTION] Have you ever seen "2 Days In Paris"? I would consider it a romantic comedy but not the mushy kind, more of a funny kind. That movie cracked me up! I am a big movie person so I will try to think of some other movies to suggest :)


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nope not seen that one [MENTION=574]TessaAndSamson[/MENTION] but will order it off my movie package...I too like the funny ones The Holiday with Cameron Diaz is a firm favourite of mine that had me laughing hard all the way through.
and if you like weepy funny try "PS I love you"...its very funny but have tissues at hand because there are sad bits too :)


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Apr 24, 2011
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I love Benidorm, once went there on a girls holiday, you wouldn't believe just how many disabled scooters there are, even have them in tandem:lol: We even stayed in the same hotel, brings back so many memories.

Another, programme I love is 'An Idiot Abroad', it's Ricky n another guy from 'The Office' who set up this guy to visit all the Wonders of the World. Putting him up in the shabbiest hotels and joining in local customs. It's really funny, but it's finished now. I believe there's a series DVD which I'm gonna get and watch over n over.


Mar 28, 2010
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Gosh I am the worst at remember what is what but all of what Tessa said, I like. haha The Office is hilarious and am looking forward to Will Ferrell taking over. Adam Sandler is an all time fav actor as well. My mind is mush right now so I will have to try and think of more later. haha

My girls crack me up. Sierra can be in the middle of a busting and just grab my neck and kiss me cuz she knows she can get away with a lot more this way. haha. Watching Cutty "clean" Paige and love on Sierra is a joy too and then watching Sierra terrorize him and Mugs is also great but I have to bust her on that. ;)


Mar 25, 2011
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I just really like to laugh..I find my grandkids and a puppy (Jake) just almost make me pee my pants when they play together! I love Modern Family....and sometimes when I see myself in the mirror in the morning..I just HAVE to laugh...otherwise I might cry


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Apr 3, 2011
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If we're talking about television then I have to go with The Office, Modern Family and Roseanne. Movie wise, I'd say anything with Will Ferrell and all of the Vacation movies. Christmas Vacation is one of my top five favorite movies of all time. Classis. Stepbrothers is one of my other faves, love to watch it when I'm feeling 'down'. But only when the kids are gone or asleep!!

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