What kind of Bed and Crate do you recommend for Bulldog?


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Nov 29, 2010
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We are getting anxious and ready for our pup!

We were wondering what kind of bed and/or crate you recommend for the puppy?

Wire crate? What size?

What else is a MUST before bringing the puppy home?

I don't know the pros and cons of the different crates but we have a nylon foldable one that collapses like a pop tent. It's very handy to take with you and fold up when not needed.
You may want to start a list.
The most important thing you will need is food. Find out from the owner what they are feeding and have some of the exact food on hand. I suggest you start with a small quantity. You may change once you have the puppy but you need to do that slowly.
We HAD two of the collapseable crates.... but Yuna and Tidus proved to be no match for them and have broken them completely!!!

The airline carriers are not very 'desirable' looking, but they are the most durable in my opinion.

Also you may want to check on Craigslist for a smaller one to start with, and get a bigger one new that you can move your baby into after about 8 months.
my breeder told us to make sure and get the wire crates vs the plastic ones, it will make sure and give ur bully plenty of ventilation. We got one that has an adjustable wall in it so you can keep the crate small while your bullies a tiny little guy and make it bigger as they grow. Plus it has the pull out bottom which was really really nice when he was naughty and went potty in his crate.. made clean up much easier.

as for a dog bed.. im not the person to ask.... bacon pees on everything we give him... we just got him a nice one and put it in his crate and the very first night he peed all over it.... :down: but @ least its machine washable. we just have a couple of towels in his crate and he really likes that.
We have the wire one with the back half blocked off. That barrier comes with the crate. It's not something you have to buy extra.
As for the bed, it's the one in his picture. It's puppy sized and will be replaced when he's bigger.
I am no help here since I dont use crates and my boys although they have dog beds sleep with us in ours. :lol: You may wanna get the piddle pads to start with your potty training or lots of snacks to bribe him to go outside and learn fast. I agree with getting the food the breeder uses but you most likely will wanna switch since even the best of breeders seem to feed less than mediocre food.
i agree the nylon collapsible crate is so handy! much easier to move around and take places than the wire one. We do have a wire one as well though, and only use the other one for night time and visits to friends houses.

We have a place called "ryans pet supplies" out here in az and that is where i bought my wire crate, $30 cheaper than at petco! It is 36x24 ish. the box had a picture of a chow on it, that's all i remember. If you have a pet supply store out where you live i would check there, but otherwise the best price you'll get on a crate is at wal mart. The nylon one is from overstock.com by a company called "go petclub".

I like to put towels or blankets in the crate when they are little, cause they are bound to pee on them and they are easy to wash. when he gets bigger you can get a crate pad that doesn't move around and is real cushy. piddle pads are a great product too. Get lots of treats, not crappy ones with weirdo fake ingredients though. Zukes, Natural Balance make good ones you can just quickly pick up from the local petco. The fewer ingredients the better. Toys! cause he's gonna want to play when he's not sleeping. Baby wipes for his lil' face, booty, and toes. FOOD. good food.

There's like a million more things i can think of :/ but i'll leave it at that for now.
You might want to start saving for a king size bed.... best investment I ever made with 2 bullies that remind me every day that is is their house and they let me live here!
we got the large wire crate at walmart its a aspca one for 80 bucks, you can remove the bottom for easy cleaning and you can fold it down for easy travel. when the crate is folded up i can put it in my trunk with room to spare (mazada3). it doesnt have a divider but we never had a problem with it being to big when lex was 6 weeks old. we put a pillow and his toys in the front part and a piddle pad in the back section and when he made a mess we could just pull the piddle pad out and put a new one in... lex is crate trained but only get in there when he stays at his babysitters we dont push him being in there at our house. our lab uses the crate at the house for his bed lol and i bought some of that foam padding covered it with fabric and thats the bed we have for crate. most def get a little bag the breeders food and you can keep him on it or transistion him over to better food. also get him some nylabone puppy or kong chew toys that way you can go ahead and teach him to chew on toys and not furniture shoes etc. i would get stainless steel bowls to put water and food in... and get piddle pads you WILL need them our walmart carries them they are less than petsmart and have more in the pack as well, our walmart sells out of them quick so they are hard to get ahold of.. up to you but we had gotten lex a collar so he could get used to it and when he was about 14 weeks or so we started him early on the leash.

hope everyoen has helped ya
We had the black wire crate from walmart too. But Ireland looked soo big in it. Tuesday we went on a hunt and could not find the play pen that petsmart had online. so while at targe We found the baby play yard and I snagged it. Its wonderful Ireland loves the "not being locked in a crate feeling" but she is not able to run the house either. Its the best thing since candy lol.... As far as a dog bed, I bought one months ago for the other dogs and they wouldnt use it. Well Ireland loves it and it was 10 bucks at big lots....

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