What are your bullies afraid of?


Mar 28, 2010
Southern California
Bulldog(s) Names
Cutty, Miila and Mugsy the pug :)
Cutty isnt afraid of too much BUT he is afraid of his food and water bowls. When we had Sierra at first we moved the bowls up to the fireplace to keep her out of them and he dropped one off and being stainless steel on a tile floor the sound must have freaked him out or something cuz now that they are back on the floor if his ball is next to or behind the bowls he will sit there and bark till we get it. Big baby. lol. He is also afraid of the plants in the living room because he tried to attack them when he was young and they tipped over again freaking him out. Thankully tho or he would have eaten them all. lol.
absolutely nothing so far however he will not go in the garage. If I have him outside and open the garage to go in and do stuff i have to drag him. Not sure what his problem is with that, its wide open, well lit, and just has a few things in it and only since Monday had a car in it.
Samson is very observant, if he sees something out of place or strange he approaches it very cautiously. Wouldn't say he is really afraid of anything. I'd say if he saw something or someone he thought was scary he'd be more likely to charge it or bark at it than run away.
i have a bird at Forsyth Park in savannah Ga. thet attacks all dogs kinda spooks her
The leaf blower and vaccuum/dustbuster!
My bully Bertie is afraid that my cocker spanials treats are going to be better than hers, so she takes his away from him and eats it too!
the vacuum.... My boy tries to eat ours, I have to have him sit/stay on the couch in order to vacuum the living room. lol. At first it was funny but dang it made it hard to vacuum. haha
Nichols that is a CUTE sig pic!!!
Linus fears absolutely nothing...well maybe the possibility of never eating again - but that's about it.

Bentley was afraid of EVERYTHING! Some of the more interesting items include: umbrellas, the lint trap from the dryer, decorative wreaths, brooms, hockey sticks, hockey bags, vacuums, area rugs...the list goes on and on.

In an effort to not raise a bullie that fears inanimate objects like Bentley, I am trying to show Truman lots of things early and encourage him to not be afraid. He seems pretty chill and takes a lot of cues from Linus who is more likely to tear apart the vacuum than run from it.
Gertie isn't afraid of anything except when the AC kicks on outside and she's standing near it. Boy does she RUN! But if she's outside and it's already running, then it doesn't bother her.
My husband reminded me.. Chester is afraid of the basement :eek: We take him down there..and he bee-lines his bully butt up all 14 steps, so fast you'd think a morsel of food were sitting at the top of the stairs! :p
Shouldn't the question be...what ISN'T your bully afraid of?! Despite his name, my Tuffy is a total sissy. He is afraid of cars, lawn mowers, tin foil, vacuum cleaners, cookie sheets, the list goes on and on!!
Bees and bug that make a lot of noise.... he got stung over 20 times when he was a baby and now he is afraid of bees. Wish Toby was afraid of vacuum.... have to put him in the other room.... he attacks it.
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