We nee a new harness and leash. Which is the best?


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Jan 23, 2017
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Cause this one is no longer working for us.
It fits him improperly and the leash is way too long! We need help!!

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At Dolly’s Owner is very overwhelming finding one that fits properly [emoji177]

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[MENTION=13133]TyTysmom[/MENTION] don’t you use the Julius? And advice?

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I think the Chinese one I bought is a copy of the Julius. I like it because it's easy to buckle on and off without having to put it over head. Shouldn't be hard to fit if you measure neck and chest with measuring tape.
We have two Julius k9's and love them both. and then also love the hurrta y harness. Simple and light. The Julius look so handsome on these guys and fit very well. Im right now loving the hurrta as it's so light and soft. I actually got mine on amazon on 'used' for 1/2 the price and its brand new. If your an Amazon person, and look at other collars i always check on that section as i've had great luck and like to switch um up.
Dodidog.com nacho loves his[emoji4] they’re made specifically for bulldogs:)

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Monty has a Planet Dog harness. It's very soft and washable. I mostly use it when I take him in the car as he seems to be allergic to walks!
Cozy Hemp Adjustable Harness
Castor likes his Hurtta Y harness and we have a leather leash.
I bought a size one Julius harness for Chunky and use a retractable leash for neighborhood walks. I have one of these for vet visits and times when I need to keep him close by. Its easy to make shorter just by moving the carabiner. I normally use it with a collar for vet visits so the vet has more room to check him. Both the leash and collar give you plenty of places to grab to keep better control. He is 66lbs now but I have used the harness since he was in the 40's adjusting as he has grown


I can't walk Lambeau cause he drags his feet which practically rips his nails off .... so no harness needed. I love Red Dingo leashes

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Thanks for all of your advice! Sorry I’ve been MIA I’ve been incredibly sick this week. I went with the Julius and I’m super happy with it!

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