Two puppies a month apart???


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Jun 23, 2017
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Anyone ever get two pups at the same time? We have one we will be getting early Feb. and now have someone who wants us to take her last pup which is ready now. We really do not WANT three dogs (have a six yr old already) but also do not want the pup to wind up in a home that doesn't know what it means to be a bulldog family, so we are considering it. Hoping to find another home for her but it needs to happen pretty much by this weekend. We are just so torn! Our vet told us that the puppies wind up bonding with each other and not their humans, which is kinda terrifying. Not to mention all the extra work and cost of having three babies... thoughts?
I have 3 dogs all different ages. Jax, French Bulldog, who is 7. Louie, English Bulldog, who is 3 and Ella, English Bulldog, who is 1. Ella is still quite rambunctious (lol) and I can say without a doubt that I would not do 2 puppies at the same time. But it is nice for a younger to have someone to play with. In my instance, Louie and Ella. But that's just me.
We have always had multiple dogs. But none that close in age.
I have heard the same about them bonding with each other instead of their humans and it makes sense .[emoji51]
Although, not sure I would be able to say no to two bulldog pups!

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[MENTION=17281]berlin78[/MENTION] I have 5 dogs. When I got my English Bulldog Maude, I also got her sister, Molly, for my sister. They were 9 weeks old, and a bundle of fun! At the time, I also had other dogs. When the pups were house trained, I then delivered Molly to my sister.
I love having pups together. They are so much fun together. I have always had 4 or 5. They bond to each other, but they all bond to me more! I can't even walk to the bathroom, or leave the room I am in, and they all get up and follow me.
I am the one who tends to their needs, and feeds them-they know where "their bread is buttered!". You will be their mommy and daddy. They will be friends. Sometimes dogs get into a scuffle-it should not be allowed. Best of luck with your decision. It is really up to how you really feel.
Your vet isn’t wrong, but it is not a guarantee to happen, it depends on your leadership and training overall how things work out.

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Hi, I have two EB siblings. They will be 9 years old on February 22, 2021. I got them when they were 10 weeks old, I didn't find it any harder to train them. I trained them together, they had the same schedule. They did bond together, but they still bonded with us, and both are loving and gentle with everyone including other dogs and children. They don't play much with other dogs, they tend to like to play with each other when outside, but they will go up to other dogs and sniff them and then move on. Lol
I'm not sure I could say no to another if one was offered either. Honestly, what could be better than a bundle of baby Bulldogs... lol!
Sorry, I cannot be of help in this department. You do have to take the cost factor into account. I would have 20 if i could afford it and had the time.
Only you can make this choice. I look forward to seeing what you decide.
We picked up my son's 8 week old bulldog ( he was away for a week when the pup was ready). We ended up taking his brother home with us!! So, we had 2 8 week old pups for 5 days. It really was not bad! They kept themselves ( and us) entertained, and schedules just mimicked each other! That said, fast forward 2 months, we took son's TWO bulldogs( he already had a 7 year old bully) for a week at Christmas. It was very chaotic, and kept us constantly busy. The two little ones were still young enough to handle walking together, and they all ate together which got interesting at times. We were exhausted. Lastly, we took them for 10 days last June.( pups were just about a year old). OMG, it was beyond chaotic!! Different potty schedules, one stealing the others food, watching for "accidents" and I was unable to walk the 2 pups together as they both lunge at loud trucks, motorcycles, etc and they almost took me down. The 8 year old needs to walk alone as he is very slow, hates to walk, and can be a lovable PIA. We told my son he needs to find another sitter when they go away. It was waaaay too much chaos for my quiet life. That all said, they are raised in different homes so the routine would be the same if they were raised together. Finally, I don't know if I could turn down an offered pup, even if I already had one. Just a lot to think through!! Keep us posted!!!

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