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Jan 31, 2010
Tucson, AZ
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Ok so as I prevously posted in the other forum I would like to meet up with other bulldog owners here in tucson! Thanks =^)
I would love to someday, but with 4 kids and puppies on the way I don't see that I will have time anytime soon! Have you thought about putting an ad on craigslist? You can direct them to the site to join your Tucson Bulldog Club! Brunos bullies is also from Tucson too! :)
Funny about the craiglist thing cause I got flagged for it!!!! I did it right be fore I joined here....It's such a bummer cause seriously there are no bulldogs in tucson haha. When we take olaf out ppl say the have never seen a coat like that before "like a tiger" and ask if he is real! lol I just met one other bulldog last week here haha I was sooo excited. I may just have to wait until we can get another in months to come. Hey though I have a question that you maybe able to answer for me...do you know of any handling cl***es in town??? I have been sooo busy with nursing school (just finsihed waiting to take my boards feb 23) and my breeder wants to get him going but have had not much time until now to really work with him...plus the next pup we get I really want to get handling early....know of anything???
Hey there! Well I know we'd love to plan something....You are the 1st one interested!


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Ok Ok guys and gals I guess I will have get something started! I may look into starting a "bulldog meetup group" on meetup.com....hope that's ok to post that here? lol take it off if not. But ya we can post on here as far as where and when! Well off to this boring nurse orientation!


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Scratch meetup.com...I just realized you guys made a section for groups! CLEVER :p So ya I will have to get something set up there!


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I can do something on CL once u have it all set up!
Maybe i should make a new post, but I know you guys are from Tucson. Has any of you taken your bullys to Rattle Snake avoidance training? Any recommendations ? My neighbor killed a rattler the other day and i am worried. thx
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I am going to get rattlesnake venom injections from A to Z as soon as I can afford them. The only problem is there is 25 injections! We could all split the cost if we got together and bought it. But for $80 for it at the vet, and you have to get two..... thats $160!!!!! The ones I can get are I think $250 for 25. And you only give one per year.

Well we met somebody at the park a few weeks ago with a retreiver that was taking that class and she found it to be awesome. So it maybe worth it. I hadn't even heard about it till she brought it up.
Yeah, I have never heard of it either! We live on an acre in the desert, we usually see 1 a year. That was why I was looking into the venom. Sounds like a different class, I wonder how they do it?
Well I am trying to remember I think it was something like they handler with a snake and I want to say they use a shock??? something the dog doesn't like basically and you get the point. Anyways she really spoke highly of it. I know what you mean...I have grown up in AZ almost my whole and I think I seen a snake ONCE! But you never know....

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