This or That: Tom boy or girlie girl?

This or That: tom boy or girlie girl?

  • Tomboy

    Votes: 6 18.8%
  • Girlie girl

    Votes: 4 12.5%
  • In between

    Votes: 22 68.8%

  • Total voters
I am either one, it depends on which Kelly is out to play for the day. I can get dressed up and LOVE high heels and own many many pairs and have a great time, but then I can put on my cut off shorts a wife beater go out on our boat catch my own bait, cut it up live, bait my hook and catch a 3 1/2 foot shark as I did a couple months ago. I can shoot a gun, a bow, ride a Harley (I use to have an 883) so again, depends which Kelly is playing for the day.

This is what attracted Joe to me being both but, the fact that he was an avid fisherman and was shocked when I told him I was too, and even more shocked he did not have to bait my hook!
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I just prefer to be comfortable and that means jeans/combats and a Tshirt or vest.
I would like to be girly and do have some feminine tops, but just can't be bothered with all the fuss of going full hog.
I was glad to see the in between option. I'm fairly low maintenance. Rarely wear makeup and klutz that I am never wear heels anymore. But I'm not really what I'd call a tomboy at all. I like to look decent in public but I wouldn't say I'm a girly girl either.
Well..... My mom laughs cuz I grew up and was the girly girl but now and the tough one between my sister and I. She was a total tom boy when she was young. I still LOVE make up and high heels even but dont have a reason to wear the heels. haha I used to be skinny and dressed much cuter then. I dress down now more cuz it is easy not cuz I dont like to look cute or girly. BUT as my brother said (when I insisted I was not a tom-boy) "You camp, drive a 4x4, drink beer, cuss like a sailor, etc.." Guess that makes me a tom-boy. ;)
Always liked the in between, like it when the dress up sometimes but would rather wear jeans and a t-shirt and don't mind getting their hands dirty.
I am TOTALLY in-between. I am a shoe fanatic and the higher the heels the better but I can do anything for myself that I d@#m well please :)
I was raised with my dad and brother and all their friends so I'm very tomboyish. I love to go hunting fishing. I was always outside helpin the guys out wether it be buildin fence, workin cattle, or help working on a vehicle. I can change a flat change out brake pads Etc. The more I've grown the girlier I've gotten. I know love wearing dressing and heels but I mainly wear wedges as it's easier it balance on lol. Jeff loves that I don't mind mowing the yard we even fight over who's gonna mow, but this yr I'm letting him since its 100+ lol. I can always clean up nice, I actually like dressin up for work lol
I went for the in between too .... I don't wear make up during the week because I teach that many exercise classes that I'd spend more time looking like a panda!!! My week is usually spent wearing work out clothes and shoes .. to the point now that if you put me in high heels I still try and walk like I've got my Nikes on ....... doesn't work out too well!!!

However, I do have a closet of really nice girly clothes and if I have an excuse ... out comes the make-up and the sparkly stuff!!! :up:
Looks like we got a bunch of in betweens here and I would say I consider myself some where in between too. All growing up my dad always took us shooting, fishing, camping, out on the Harley for weekend rides and I still love to do all that stuff! And I've always hung out with more boys than girls. But I do like to dress up and do girly things as well, except wear makeup, I am not one for makeup AT ALL!
I have to say that I'm in between also. I was definitely a tomboy growing up. I remember the first time my mom tried to make me wear a dress to school and I cried so much that she finally said forget it and let me take the dress off. I wore a traditional brides dress for my wedding but instead of high heels I wore sandals. I've never had my nails professionally done but I do often Paint them. But I do have to admit the paint is usually chipped off in a week and I never reapply. I do wear makeup and I do get my hair done but it's by the college so it's cheap. I prefer the outdoorsy stuff. And even to this day I hate dressing up nice. One of the most torturous things for me to do is to go clothes shopping. I do not own a single pair of high heels ....actually I've never even worn a pair of high heels. I think that might have more to do with the fact that I have screws in my ankle and my leg from a break. I'm most comfortable and a pair of tennis shoes and a pair of Levi's. Besides my bulldogs my most cherished possessions is my camera and my quad.
I was a tomboy growing up...the only girl in the neighborhood who could climb to the top of the big tree, thus earning membership in the big tree club. In my 40s and 50s I could lift heavy furniture (antique) and keep up with the best of them. I have never worn makeup, don't know how to put it on and haven't ever taken the time to learn. A couple of months ago a friend told me I really should wear makeup because it would cover up a lot. Well, I'm 69 and prefer my blush to be natural, besides, I've earned those wrinkles!
Since I am the guy, I didn't answer this poll. It seems to be for the females in the group. Interesting reading the different posts ?:detective:
So from the male point of view, to answer the poll, I would say in between also. My wife and our daughters are a both also. Depends on what they are doing, going where and when. As much as I love a "girlie girl", I also am glad for the "tom-boy" also.
And what's to say that a tom-boy isn't attractive and sexy? :blush2:

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Tomboy all the way. I dress for work but the moment I get home the hair's in a ponytail and if it's winter I'm in sweats. I hated dresses as a kid and to this day, I would rather go to Home Depot than the mall or anywhere to shop for dress clothes.
Well, I'm a drag racer... but I still like to get all prettied up. :)


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