This or That: Brains or Brawn?

This or That: Brains or Brawn?

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I prefer a man I can have a good conversation with and fell lucky with Chris as he was both clever and had a great body, now he's a few years older he's still clever :rofl:
Hmmmm..when I hear "brawn"... I think of Arnold Schwarztenegger..:barf: it would be brains anyway...I think to have a sense of humor is imperative..and I think you have to have brains to be funny!
I have to say brains simply because I've never been interested in a guy before talking to him! If his personality wins me over, then the body comes in to play.
there are few things i hate more than stupid people. i can't have a conversation with a stupid guy, no matter how good looking he is. i used to be a chubby chaser, so obviously i don't care about brawn. as long as a guy isn't too much smarter than me i am happy. i get really disappointed with my hubby's grammar and stuff, but he is pretty smart. he's street smart and sports smart (like that's relevant), but i'm the book smart one.

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