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Feb 3, 2010
Marana AZ
Bulldog(s) Names
Cesar and Cleo
We also have Boxer dogs, horses, chicken, turkeys, and peacocks! When Driving down our driveway you will have to stop for the birds crossing in front of you!!! What do you all have other than Bulldogs?
i have two senior cats that i adopted when they were 1 and 2 years old (now 10 and 12). i also have a congo african grey parrot who has a very extensive vocabulary and is a total riot! other than the two eb dogs, i have a 4.5lb chihuahua, who thinks she is a great dane, though does not have small dog syndrome. last, i have an alapaha blue blood bulldog, who is a 65lb lap dog and the total epitome of a happy go lucky, goofy boy.
We always wanted an African Grey, almost got a cockatoo once too. We had a sun conure and it was fun raising and weaning him. We also have an aquarium with African Cichlids, we once had 10 aquariums! (this was before we had kids though!) Yep, we always gotta be taking care of things, animals, kids, anything to make us feel needed... :)

So you guys have any pics of your other animals? Would love to see!
pictures. great idea. i'll send myself some to work so i can post. (i go to work to be able to have time to do things like post on this forum ;) ) at home, i'm too busy with my babies to ever get online much.

my african grey, george, is a total riot.

when i was married, we had loads of aquariums with beautiful fish. i love the ambiance of aquariums and fish. i find them soothing.
brewski-my alapaha-sat in my lap for over 2 hours yesterday and managed to do so without making my legs go to sleep. where he puts that 65lbs when he's on my lap is beyond me. he was on my lap and my chihuahua was on my shoulder, like a parrot. perhaps she's developing an identity crisis ;)


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here are my alapaha blue blood bulldog and my chihuahua as well as george, my african grey. i'll have to get pictures of my cats from a different computer


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Gorgeous! How nice to have such a wonderful variety of pets.


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:) i love it that they all get along. my male cat gets up in the parrot cage or onto the parrot play stand to play with george. george isn't very amused, but my male cat doesn't seem to notice and plays away :D

my little chihuahua is frequently found sleeping with my male cat. they all defy society's concept of the pecking order ;) dogs play with cats, cats play with birds in my house. it's great.
Well Besides Cheif. We have a boxer, a shih tzu, 1 horse, 1 cat, several reptiles, and fish, and my tranchula... I love birds too, I have raised love birds, anc cockatiels, and have had a few conures. I am think about another bird.....
we have peaches eb 2 st bernards teddy and angel 4 birds 2sunconure and 2 cocktiels 2 cats sherbert and daisy and about 50 fish
Wow you all have such great animals! We sadly only have the 2 boys, I am allergic to cats and aquariums are too much maintenance for my taste, although I LOVE fish. When we are rich in our next lives we will have a huge salt water tank and have a person to come and clean it. ;) As for the birds, they are amazing but have never thought to get 1 before. I had a frog that died on me a few years back and that terrified me to have to keep anymore reptiles. I actually had a desert tortoise some years ago and it also didnt make it, was a baby. Figured I would stick with bigger animals that can tell you when they need something. lol.
This is our Shih Tzu, Winnie. I sure hope she is a good big sister to our new bully when he arrives. She is very sweet, so it should be OK


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She is so precious! What do you feed her? She looks great! My moms shitzapoo has bad tear stains on her face!
We have been feeding her Science Diet, but recently switched to Fromm after learning about dog food quality here. She doesn't seem real fond of Fromm, so I'm thinking about trying some other quality brands to see if she has a favorite. We never had much issue with tearing stains... just lucky I guess.

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