Talk to me about chicken allergies/sensitivities & puppy vs. adult/all-stages food


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Jun 20, 2011
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I was planning to ask this anyway...then read the comments in the Chunk post below, so now I really want to ask!

I just switched Penny over from Nutro Ultra to Wellness Super 5 Mix Just for Puppies. I was in the early process of the switch when I found the board & trying to learn more about the best food for bulldogs.

Now, I understand that lots of pups here didn't do so great on the Wellness...... runny :poo:, etc.

Then, I am reading about how lots of bullies are sensitive to chicken.
Of course, the first ingredient in the Wellness is.........deboned chicken.

This morning was the first all Wellness meal Penny has had, so I really don't know if I am seeing any changes in her tear stains from the change. That is really the only issue we have with her skin at this point.

One this I did notice is that she had some terrible gas the other night which she NEVER had on the Nutro (I kept reading about bullies with terrible gas ans I was :lol: because Penny didn't have gas, hahaha).

I have pretty much decided to go the Fromm route with her....I'm just not sure when.

What types of reactions did your bully have with chicken allergies? How long did it take to see a reaction?

How longs should I wait to switch her to Fromm? I don't want to upset her belly.

Also, can anyone give their insight on the benefits of puppy vs. an adult or all-stages food?? I've heard both things...puppies should be on puppy food for specific amounts of proteins/nutrients & that bullies should be on an adult food by a certain age to keep from growing to quickly?

Penny is 4 months old if that helps at all.

I know this is a lengthy post! Thanks if you made it to the end!


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Apr 18, 2011
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puppis should be switched to adult food at 6 months,as for kibble i feed only raw but would suggest you find a kibble that has no grain ,wheat,rice anything that is the lowest fillers possible,karen


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Mar 21, 2011
Katy, Texas
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6 months is a good time to switch from puppy food to adult. As far as the allergies, it depends, sometimes it may that months before you see signs of them. We have a 15 week old pup at home and we feed her Holistic Select puppy food. The older dogs were on Holistic select for adult dog food but Buddy got to were he would not eat it at all and Lucy was itching a little. We feed the older dogs FROMM 4 star now and all is good for now. Also very little gas. :D


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Feb 25, 2011
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We had Gator on the Wellness puppy as well and did have too many issues (interdigital cysts, acne, tear stains, mushy poo, stinky gas, icky ears, etc) and I am so glad we switched to Fromm! You might want to wait a bit to give her tummy some time to adjust though. Good luck!

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