Tackling, Jumping, BITING - ugh!What to do?

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Dec 17, 2010
Highlands, Texas, United States
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Hi everyone. Gillie came to me as a foster through a boxer rescue that I volunteer for. We got her in August. I have since adopted her (foster failure big time!!!). Gillie came to me with no knowledge of her past - but from what I can tell she was severely beaten and was obviously neglected. Despite all that, she is THE SWEETEST, most loving dog I've ever had.

BUT.... Gillie came with lots of behavioral issues. I'm working with her on them and I have been doing my very best to be patient with her because of her past. She has some potty issues but is getting much better. The biggest problems that we have right now are that when we are playing she gets super excited and she will literally tackle me from behind. She's a heck of a jumper - she can jump almost up to my face (I'm 5'8") and she likes to jump up and then use me as a wall to shoot off of. LOL Crazy dog. But she's also into this biting thing and I really can't have that. It's bad. She'll grab ANY body part she can and chomps down. She mainly likes to go after peoples' butts, legs, and thighs though. My best friend's daughter spent the night last night and while playing with Gillie and Sarge, Gillie bit Danielle on the butt and she left a bruise. THAT IS NOT OKAY! I am so worried to tell my friend about it. It has to stop. I know in my heart it's not a mean thing that she's doing. She just doesn't know how to play with people. She's also notorious for grabbing loose clothing that we're wearing and pulling on us. She has pulled me down and knocked me over and down on many occasions. :angry:

So, any ideas on how I can get my baby girl to STOP with this really unladylike behavior? I'm at my wit's end. Thanks for any suggestions!

Gillie & Sarge
I am not the best at solving these issues but we do have a lot of great people on here who will help I am sure. Cutty does do the jumping tho when he plays and it is funny but at the same time he is so solid that it can be dangerous if you arent paying attention. He will just plow right thru you if you arent looking. We just correct him when he does it and make him take a break from playing for a bit but it sounds like you have to go about all of this in a very sensitive way. So sad to think what she must have endured previously. Hopefully somebody on here will give you great advice!
You'll have to re-teach Gilly about "pain thresholds." Any time she jumps on someone, or at someone, make a very high pitched squeal, or a yelp, like an afraid or intimidated dog might. As soon as you can get the loud noise out, bring your hands to your chest and turn away, then start walking away to break up the game.

When she nips/bites do the same thing. High pitched loud vocalisations, and immediately turn to leave the area. Its just like when two dogs play. 99% of the time if one lets out a loud yelp, the games over untill the one that yelped re-starts the game. Stop the game every time she gets too rough. Starting a game and then having it end immediately is no fun at all!
Thanks for the info and ideas. I'll start "yelping". :eek: I do have to be very careful around her because it just breaks my heart to see how she shrinks back and is so afraid that she's going to get hit - which would NEVER EVER EVER happen with me. I just can't stand it when she does that I get so sad for her. Poor girl. Thanks again for the ideas and suggestions. I appreciate it.
[MENTION=400]froggz[/MENTION] That's really interesting!!

[MENTION=1611]Gillies Momma[/MENTION] Let us know how it works. It's so sad to think what Gillie has been through but to give her a stable and loving home you also sometimes have to show discipline.

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