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Jul 31, 2010
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There is a family on facebook who I am friends with who have just got their first bulldog puppy, and he has spina bifida. He apparently has trouble with anal leakage. She has already messaged Detroit Bulldog Rescue for advice, and I have sent her the link to this website in the hope that Nichole will join. In the meantime I said I would post on here to see if anybody has any advice on diet etc ...

[MENTION=2]desertskybulldogs[/MENTION] I did a quick search and saw there was one post from another user who had a puppy with spina bifida. Is there any way a link can be sent to that paticular post on facebook so that Nichole will see it??
@%1;[MENTION=403]Champ[/MENTION]@%1; may also have some information about this, he has a lot of experience with rescued bullies and the many health issues they can have.
All you need to do [MENTION=959]kazzy220[/MENTION] is copy the URL of the topic you want her to read, and then go to her wall and either paste it in the comments, or paste it as a link. [MENTION=4]Lindathedogsmaid[/MENTION] also just adopted baby blue, a spina bifida puppy from SoCal Bulldog Rescue, so you may want to get them linked up on facebook too.
Oh hopefully she will join in here. I have no help or info but I do know that the sb babies in their diapers are THE CUTEST thing I have ever seen!!!!!!!
[MENTION=2]desertskybulldogs[/MENTION] I've sent her the links to this and the other spina bifida thread ... thanks for telling me how to do it!
You bet! You can also share anything you like here to your wall on facebook. Or Digg, Twitter, ect. For facebook, just click the little blue "f" at the bottom of each post and it will bring up the share window. :D There is also share options at the bottom of each thread.
I have experience with diapers. The doggy diapers have a hole for the tail to come out at, well Bullies have very small, short and tight tails, so no use in putting it in the hole, that will also expose the anus to the opening as well. I had to tape Bella's tail hole shut. I got so tired of doing it and doggy diapers are very expensive, so I switched to generic baby diapers. They worked just as good. I know you can also buy a cloth diaper and put in inserts, again, watch out for that hole.
At night Bella would get up to "go out". And it frustrated her to have a diaper on, it was only for leaking, she would poo w/o it. So being the concerned mom, I just took off her diaper and wrapped her in the blanket. Now this is gross, but when she leaked, I would just roll up the end of the blanket to a clean spot and settle back down with Bella. (she slept up against my chest to keep her warm at night) I was up all night long, rolling and sometimes changing blankets, but it was worth it, she was comfortable with out the diaper and yet protected.

I am not sure if Spina Bifida dogs are the same as humans, but humans need to take digestive enzymes. If the dogs do as well, then I have a contact for cheap enzymes. They prescriptions can cost about $240/month. So let me know. I am also going to research it. Another thing that helps is knowing at which vet school does research in this. Those contacts are priceless!!!! E-mail them often with any questions, they will have no troubles helping you out, may even want DNA samples for research. Good luck to your friend. I was once told (as a mother of all boys) that God has a special place in heaven for a mother of boys....I think he also has one set aside for pawrents of special needs pups!!!!
Okay, I did some searching and is doesn't look like they need enzymes, but just in case, you know where to reach me. Also I saw a post that the yahoo groups has a group for English Bulldogs with Spina Bifida. I know with my EPI experience, our Yahoo group is awesome!!!!!!! Just like EBN, any question or concern (about EPI) can be found on it. [MENTION=959]kazzy220[/MENTION] have your friend check out Yahoo Groups.
@ Bella'sMom Thanks for the advice!!! I'm sending her your answers through facebook. Hopefully, they will help her with her new puppy!!!

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