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Feb 22, 2010
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OH WOW!!!!!! Those are amazing! So are the photos!

Are those salt or freshwater? What types are they?

We used to have 10 aquariums and did a bit of breeding with African Chiclids. Mostly Electric Yellows, but we did get a couple of batches of 7 striped Frontosas, which helped pay for the fish food for a short while! Now we have just one aquarium, a 60 gallon. With all the bullies running around the house and children, it is too hard to keep up on what we once had.


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:cool: Those are Tropheus Moori from lake Tanganica,just like the Fronts you had..I had 7 colonies going at 1 time in the past..Now I am down to two colonies...
How on earth did you take those pics? We try to get pics of ours but they never turn out like that- Amazing!


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It's not that hard if you have a dig camera with a slave flash.. The majority of the light comes from above the tank from the slave.. The camera flash is set to the minimum setting.. U will ned an extra flash unit with an a trigger unit that fires at the same time the camera flash does..It's a trail and error thing till you get the results you like..


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they look nice;)


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They are beautiful! From a fellow fish hobbiest, I can appreciate not only the photography, but how you care for them as well. They look so healthy and vibrant. Well done!!!
Love the Moori's I had quite a few colonies going when we owned our pet shops. After we closed the shops we downsized our tanks. Once we get movedI hope to get more, the only problem is I would like to get F1's ideally. Hard to do since the fish auctions up here only happen once a year and the really nice stuff usually gets snapped up by a big time fish buyer :( here's to hoping we can get a nice group this March!

They look great!

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