Sleep with a Pillow???


I couldn't make this sh*t up if I tried!
Jul 21, 2010
Bradenton Fl.
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Just curious....Since Vegas was a baby he has always had a pillow in his crate, he sleeps with his chest on it, when he is on my couch he lays on a pillow or up on the arm to sleep. I think it helps him breath better, (YES he still snores LOUDLY) but I was wondering if any other bully's sleep on a pillow and if you think it is because it helps them to breath better?? I keep two, so that I can wash one while he has the other one, it does not take long for his pillow and stuffed toys to stink!!! This is an example of him on my couch with the pillow.
Dempsey has his own pillow on the sofa and sleeps with his chest on it too. He also likes to lay on a pillow on my lap. He can see out the living room window that way, too. Breathing better? Maybe, althought Dempsey will sleep with his nose smooched into the mattress sometimes, I don't know how he breathes that way!
Vegas likes to sleep on my lap also, I can't do it for long, at 65 lbs. 14 months old, he puts my legs to sleep, lol, If I am laying on the couch he likes to lay on my chest, again, I can't breath, so that can't happen for long either. I love to snuggle with him, but he is just to heavy to lay on me any more.
Cutty has manypillows but I havent noticed him "having to have one" to sleep on. Now my pug, Mugsy on the other hand I have always thought this kinda cuz he sleeps with his head up, or neck stretched out a bit. I always thought it was maybe cuz he could breathe better. I also love that he nuzzles his head in everytime he gets comfy. Cutty does this too but not as drastic as little Mugs. Cute!
I am sure that is the reason why Vegas sleeps on a pillow. Sub-consensusly that is why humans use an extra one. Anyone ever wonder why Doctors and Anesthesiologists ask "how many pillows do you sleep with?" or "Do you sleep with more than one pillow?" That is a sign of sleep apnea. The elevation of the head allows you to breath better.

The anatomy is such that if you tilt your head, chin to chest, your tongue obstructs the airways. Your chin tilted up, head back, opens it up. Also most of the time if the tongue is sticking out enough, there is no snoring. The airway is then completely open. General CPR info.
If we have patients who snore during surgery, we will get a "tongue clamps" and pull their tongue out so the airway will be open more.
The Dental nerd is showing up again. lol
great Pic! My bullies love pillows too! My Santini sleeps with her head on the vent where the Central Air Comes out!
My boys never slept with pillows - especially not Linus, he loves to sleep on the ground or on the bare floor of his crate, anything else makes him too hot! Bentley was never one to need more than a towel or dog bed either. Truman on the other hand....

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He doesn't really sleep with any pillows either though. :)
Awww... I LOVE that pic of Truman! What a cutie! Gertie doesn't have a pillow, but she has a small, fluffy bed in her crate, that is really too small for her now, but she uses it as her "pillow", so I've left it in there for her. Oh how funny! I just looked over at Gertie, she's asleep in her crate right now. She's asleep in her bed, spralled out on her back, like "road-kill", and her head is on her stuffed duckie, because it won't fit in her bed.
@ Bella's mom, well I sleep with two pillows and I snore louder than Vegas, my husband is also a snore-er along with Vegas, My sister came to visit and slept in the other bedroom, she got up early and she said between me, my husband and Vegas she could not believe the windows had not shattered in our home LOL, I love waking up and hearing Vegas snoring, for some reason it is a comfort to me.
@ Jillh10....HOW CUTE IS THAT PICTURE!!!!! Love it!!!:D
awww how the pix. spike is not a big fan of pillows but loves laying on the little mats i put on the entrance of the front door
Horse used to love to sleep with a pillow, but for some crazy reason has decided he likes to hump them! I even had to take his super nice monogrammed LLBean dog bed away from his because he all of a sudden started humping it and wouldnt stop unless I took it away! He's more snuggly with blankets nowadays! But I can totally see the sleeping on a pillow helping them breath better.
LOL, oh yea, even though Vegas is fixed he loves to hump my company, I am SO PROUD of him!!!!! good god!!!!! I really do think the pillow makes him breath better though, about the humping.........we have had to "put him down" to show who's boss, yea right:mad:, he still humps everyone that walks in my front door....BAD BOY!!!
lex would rather sleep on the hardwood floor or the tile... he usually gets on pillows when he's chewin on his bones... after bath time he will curl up on a pillow other than that he sleeps infront of the bedroom door... lex hasnt started snoring yet so were grateful for that!!!

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