Ok someone talk me out of this ?


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Dec 31, 2010
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I got an email from my best friend a minute ago with this in it.


This is a photo of Dozer and his litter mates at about the same age. Even the white on the legs match

I'm losing my mind. This dog looks almost just like my baby. I know i shouldn't buy a puppy out of the paper. I know I shouldn't bring home a puppy when Tyson just came home. I know just he looks like Dozer doesn't mean he will be anything like him. I also know I cant afford this puppy as I don't have an extra 1800 laying around at this particular moment. But every ounce of me screams that I NEED this guy. SO i know I'm crazy here ahh help!
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Oh GOOD GOD... they are precious and he looks just like your angel!! Heck, I even want one. But, back to the reality, as you said, $$$$$ is needed for your new skin kid that is coming. You will have another, but don't do an impulse buy.

BTW - give your friend a Gibbs slap fo sendingit to you ;-)
Yesterday you were saying all the expensive treatments that Tyson may need..... Personally, I don't think you need the financial burden of another puppy right now. Save your money right now is my advice.
Aye! I recently finished reading a financial advice book (yes, I'm a nerd :) ), and one of the secrets to succeeding is to wait 24 hours and see if you're still in the same frame of mind then. But for you, I recommend a week. :yes: lol.
Back away from the ledge....
Do not take another step..!

Just that fact that you're asking tells you that it is not the right time...
I totally understand where you are coming from, but you are right. It's not Dozer. He won't smell like Dozer, he won't walk like Dozer and he won't act like Dozer. Buying a puppy that reminds you of your Angel Baby (hint hint) might just be a disaster waiting to happen. You still talk to Dozer and feel Dozer around you. This seems to be the puzzle piece that you want, but it won't fit. If you do buy another puppy...I really suggest you buy one that does not resemble Dozer in looks. Dozer was one of a kind.... Buying a carbon copy won't fix your heart.

Hugs to you.
Well said [MENTION=572]Libra926[/MENTION]! Couldn't agree with you more!
I fourth that @Libra926 is right. So delete the e-mail :) Once you fix Tyson and your new skin kid comes then you can see how your finances are looking then you can decide if you want a new pup. Sorry, don't want to sound mean, but pups are way too cute, so back away from the e=mail. :luv:
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I agree with [MENTION=572]Libra926[/MENTION] also. I am not one to say not to jump on a whim but in this case I think you have a full plate and wont be able to fill that void that you so desperately want to. :(
I use to want every puppy that came in at my vets office. But after spending so much time, worry and money on the ones I have now I've realized they don't stay cute and little. They grow big fast and so do their issues. Not only did I see a lot of cute EB puppies but I also saw a lot of mature bulldogs with allergies, breathing and skin issues. That's my reality check.
Awww. I agree with [MENTION=572]Libra926[/MENTION].

I know it must be super hard. But sometimes the mind has to say no when the heart says yes.
:nonono::nope:. Form your bond w/Tyson and then see what you think of bringing in a pup later on

I agree with this and everyone else too. I know it is tough, but you need to grow close to your new furry baby first, have your skinbaby and then maybe consider it. I know it is tempting!

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