Not sure if I'm really ready but . . . looking


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Jun 27, 2012
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I recently said goodbye to my Grace Kelly, she was 11.9, she was a rescue as a 5 month old pup whose legs had been splinted a few times and she could not really walk, she would hop and fall over, we watched her get healthy and grow into a beautiful, spunky, active little girl, she and her best friend Mylie, the cat, would snuggle on the couch and play chase in the yard. When the grandbabies came along she loved them and they loved her! She took a part of my heart with her, I think as ALL bullies do, so now I'm not sure if I'm ready or not but I've been looking and thinking about, maybe . . . adding a petite (my girl was), grown female bully that needs a home that would love her until her time here on earth is through but so many will not adopt out far away and where we live seems to be just that, too far away. So if anyone has a suggestion, I was thinking maybe a retired momma or like my girl, the breeder was just looking for a home for her that would love her. We have 2 cats and a male Newfoundland lab mix, 40 chickens and the grandkids are 8 & 6 and a newer one at 8 months.
Thanks, Leslie
Joplin, Missouri


I'm not who moved my bulldog?
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Jul 28, 2011
Gilbertsville, PA
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Lambeau, Chelios (Frenchie), Nitschke (2004-2011) and Banks (2005-2014)
You will know when you find the right one... here on EBN we help rescues spread the word of what they have available for adoption, but we do not specifically adopt out . On rare occasion we my have a member looking to rehome, but hat is done off the boards and in private messaging.

Wishing you the best of luck in your search. Go to bulldog club of America website and you might find some available near you

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