Meet Zuzu! Swollen Face, Irritated Paws and Rash Help


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Feb 2, 2022
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Hey Everyone! I am new here my husband and I have a three year english bulldog named Zuzu. We noticed the other day some swelling of one side of her face after she was aggressively scratching her face on anything she could get her paws on (the carpet, couch and her crate). We reached out to her breeder and were told to give her Benadryl. This morning she woke up with hives and a rash all over her belly and still consistent facial swelling.

Brought her to the emergency vet this morning she's breathing normal and otherwise being her happy self. They gave her a steroid shot and a shot of Benadryl. We hadn't changed anything diet, detergent etc. Possibly thinking if might be a reaction to the ice melt that our building as spread everywhere? She also gets a micro bubble bath once a month for her allergies but nothing like this has ever happened. Any advice or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


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Ice melt is full of chemicals. They use it here in certain cities n ruins vehicle’s paint. I suggest cleaning her paws n under her belly before entering the house.
This happen to our female twice… face fully swollen, red, eyes sealed…. Both times never identify the reason, it our vet thought it was a bug or spider bite

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