Lethargic and stiff - overreacting??


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Mar 22, 2010
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one of my bulldogs seems very stiff and lethargic in the morning. Almost like a little kid who doesn't want to get up and go to school. my other one jumps right up and ready to go. Is this normal? Am I being paranoid? He has his moments of being hyper with his sister, mainly at night.
do you know if he possibly ate something he shouldn't? Is he eating and drinking? You may need to watch him closely for other signs.
Is this EVERY morning ... and how old are your bullys??
If your bully is older...that may be the reason. Like people, they slow down with age. I know I certainly dont jump out of bed anymore! ;) If your bully seems fine the rest of the day...I wouldnt worry, but if this is new behavior I would schedule an appt with your Vet.
my first thought was the age too. i don't have experience with aging bullies BUT i've had a few aging dogs that i have raised from day one. they get arthritis that usually slows them down after a long nights sleep or even naps during the day. if this is the case your bully will probably need some type of arthritis medication supplied by your vet.

i'm sure other members on here will have more ideas such as food choices, etc...if it's not an age thing. glad you are here, stick around as you will learn LOTS that will better the experiences you have with your bullies. :up:
I don't think you are overreacting to be concerned about this - you know your dog best so if you see something that is troubling, then it deserves attention.

I agree with the above posters - more information is needed to provide better advice. The age of the dog is really important. Certainly bullies, like everyone else, get slower with age but stiffness and lack of playfulness in a younger dog can be signs of something that may need to be address, like hip dysplasia.

But you're doing the right thing is seeking advice on things you think are out of the ordinary, especially orthopedic issues and lethargy!
I would check in at the vet to be suee. But Gator doesn't like to get out of bed either. He will stretch and roll overthen give me that look loke "aww Mom!"
We really need more facts...like age which was mentioned above...and how long this has been going on...just started or an ongoing thing...Any other symptoms such as has his eating habits changed in any way?

Age if your dog is a senior may be the culprit...though we really need more facts to try and help you.

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