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Apr 22, 2011
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Think rocks has kennel cough now...could he have got this at vet...? Or maybe from my fiancées moms dog who might have had it....? Help...! He has bad luck lately

Jenna Zepeda

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May 31, 2011
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Kennel cough can sound pretty awful. My little guy had it. he sounded like an 80 year old smoker hacking away.

Ask your vet for some Doxycycline. Usually a 2 week cycle of antibiotics will clear it up. Going to the vet is a must though. Since there are 2 dogs around, I would suggest having them both checked out so the illness doesn't keep coming back.
Best of luck


Mar 28, 2010
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As for where he caught it from could be anywhere but the vets office could do it. I know most offices are pretty strict, if they know of a case coming in they try to keep them separate but still what if the person doesnt know? Last time my hubby took the boys to the vet someone came in and was asked to go back outside and fast, turned out that pup had it.


Mar 25, 2011
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Jake @cal-jenn can get from vets or anywhere an infected dog has been! Did he have a bordatello shot? My daughters dog got it even though he was vaccinated! Poor's nasty! Hope he feels better.

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