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Have Bulldog Will Travel
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Jan 20, 2016
United States
Bulldog(s) Names
Lala, Chesty, Winky, Waggles & Moose
This color is called Black Tri Ghost Merle.
His eye has healed as has his neuter site…2 weeks out from surgery. He’s a very good boy. He marked 2 times in the house and not an issue since, with one exception. He likes to show affection by nibbling, a cute but undesirable behavior. Sandy working on breaking that habit. He’s gained 4 lbs and could stand about 10 more.
He got his first bath(since we’ve had him) yesterday and he was the easiest bath I’ve ever given to a Bulldog. He will be staying with us, Sandy has become very attached to him. She always develops a fondness for the ones that nobody else wants.
This beautiful baby has just hit the jackpot of bulldog parents!! welcome home handsome

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