I spent the first day of the New Year...


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May 5, 2010
United States
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Vegas and Orion
...on top of the world. My sister and her husband invited me up to the opening of Crystal Mountains new Gondula lift. Now open to foot traffic..and skiers alike. It's a 5.5 millions dollar enclosed lift and the ride up was about 6 minutes. Breath-taking! Here I am at the very top! It was an awesome day..except there really wasn't much for us to do once we got to the top. The eating area was closed down for the after lunch/before dinner preparation. So, we took the gandula back down and ate at a seedy tavern in town. Great food, drunk clientele.


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May 7, 2010
Southern California
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How fun! And super cute picture!

We did something simliar this past summer. Took a gondula ride to the top of Mammoth Mountain 11,000 ft up (in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California). It was amazing! Mammoth is super popular for skiing in Cali and in the summer crazy mountain bike riders ride down the summit, we don't ski but we go up in the summer to that area for our camping/fishing trip. Mammoth had SO much snow last year, they still had enough snow for skiing on 4th of July!!!!!!


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